Review: Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask

Since wedding preparation has given me a lot of stress lately, I have been stocking up on facial masks to put more moisture on my face for those I lost them because of overwork. Recently, I've used my long-kept mask from my previous BDJ box. It's the Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask. 

It's my first time to use this brand of mask and I know it's been so long since I last have this. Upon checking on my beauty supply and when I saw that I still have it, I immediately used it for fear that it might pass on the expiration date. I actually still have a year to use it so I got nothing to worry. But since I badly need to pamper my dry skin with essence, I immediately grabbed a mask. 

I like Dermal for it's size. It's a little too big on my face but unlike other masks that I've tried, this is just a little less in size. The ampoule inside wasn't overpowering and the mask doesn't dripped off when you pull it out from the pack. The essence inside was just enough.

This mask has the option to cover the eyes if you are resting or you may also want to let it stay away from the eyes like what I did below. I usually use mask while watching the tube or surfing the net so as to maximize my time doing other stuff. (I told you, I'm just so busy!) Haha. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Closely fits on my face
  • Has an eye cover
  • The essence inside wasn't dripping too much
  • Scent is not too overpowering
Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not easily available at local beauty shops
  • No visible or immediate effect after use. 
Price: BDJ Box
Bought from: FREE ( From BDJ Box)
Size: 23g.

For me, it's just a regular mask. I know it's a little expensive than the other's I have but I didn't notice any stand-out effect unlike the ones I normally use. I've been a mask-user since I don't know when and I felt just exactly how I felt with the other masks I already tried. 

How did you find Dermal Mask? Any difference from your regular masks? Perhaps if I have a Dermal line of masks and been using it twice a week, then perhaps, I might know the difference it makes on my skin. So by now, not much of a fan of this. Yet. 

I'm eyeing a new mask to try soon. It's a mask that has animal characters in it. Hopefully I can grabbed some at the store soon. Cheers! XOXO ♥

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