Unboxing My First Glamourbox - BYS Special Edition

This post should be posted weeks ago but due to unfortunate circumstances I just had the time to make it now. I have always been excited with boxes, especially with this one because it's my first Glamourbox purchase but when I finally received it, I admit I got a little disappointed because of what happened in my box. 4 items were broken and I was asking how the heck it happened! My excitement was turned into nightmare. 

As much as I wanted to post my box on IG and promote it like how I always do whenever I feel the need to share it, I just can't. So I emailed and DM'ed Glamourbox immediately and sent the photos to them of the broken items. It's great that they assisted me ASAP with my concern. The day after I emailed them, they told me that they will replace the damaged items. However, it took them days before they sent the replacement and it took almost two weeks when I got it! 

I was happy with the contents and everything is wearable. I will post a review of each of the items once I got more time from doing my wedding preparations. 

BYS Nail Polish (Assorted Shades) - P199.00
Paint on some gorgeous color with this bright and smooth nail lacquer to instantly glam up any look!

BYS Contour Trio - P449.00
Serve that face with something sweet! This handy palette contains 3 universally flattering shades; one to color your cheeks, one for highlighting your best features and one for contouring. 

BYS Brow Definition Kit - P399.00
Redefine your brow game with this BYS Brow Definition Kit, which  contains an eyebrow wax to tidy and prime your brow hair, plus 3 brow powders you can mix and match to create the perfect brow color. 

BYS Matte Lipstick - P299.00
Swipe this richly pigmented matte lippie on those kissers for an instant lip pick-me-up!

BYS Blush Duo (Miss Pink or Paint it Pink) - P349.00
Add a pop of pink to those cheeks with this versatile blush duo. 

BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Nude 1 or 2) - P1,199.00
Let your eyes do the talking with these timeless neutrals to take you from day to night. Beauty junkies and newbies will love these smooth, velvety and highly pigmented eye shadows encased in a gorgeous sleek palette. 

Despite what happened, I got everything back in shape. You'll notice that the Blush Duo has some remains  on it's cover because of the broken particles from the damaged products. The original Contour Trio I got from the box was mainly the reason why my box was strongly damaged. The Cheek part was powdered literally! I really don't know how that happened. It was really in the powder form and only a few were hardly formed. I prefer not to disclose the photo of the broken items though. 

I like everything from this box! The Nude was technically a total dupe of NAKED. I love all the nude colors on this batch. I will be playing with these babies soon so watch out on my future posts on my reviews of these! 

I want to do a shout out on Glamourbox for not giving me headache on exchanging the damaged items. They also made me feel special by assuring me that they will just replace everything that was damaged. I only got the Definition Kit and The Blush Duo originally because all the other 4 items were damaged. All the latter were replaced though. Kudos to your team Glamourbox for listening to my concern. Unlike other boxing companies who just do business for the sake of making money, you're keeping your clients by assuring them that they are special and giving them the services they are paying for. You truly deserve to be in the beauty industry. More powers to you and your company!

XOXO ♥. 

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