Manicure Monday: Relish The Moment

I guess I have to temporarily stop from doing nail arts and will go back again to basic polishing as o the moment. Doing nail art usually takes a lot of time and effort and as of this now, I am currently occupied with so many things to do on our wedding day that a little time for nail art is already a huge sacrifice. So for the coming weeks, let's go back to basic colors, okay? By January, I will resume with nail art again! ♥

I went to Body Shop recently to claim my winnings and included in the loot bag they gave me was this perfect red polish. This is my first red which is very sexy and can instantly glam up any mood and outfit. I immediately tried it on and it look totally awesome! 

This is my first time to try a polish from The Body Shop and I fell in love the first time I used it! The brush instantly glides wonderfully on the nail bed and the color was highly pigmented. Would you believe that the photo above was just one coat? 

I highly recommend this to everyone who are looking for that perfect red you want to use during party and events. This is really it! Without top coat, mine lasted for almost 6 days. If I only topped it with a top coat, I knew it would last longer. This also doesn't give yellowish nails according to the TBS staff which I really think is true. I put on base coat though before I used it. 

What do you think with this shade? Yay or nay?! Will post more colors soon so please give some love by commenting below! Lovelots... ♥

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