The Perfect Evening Dress

Internet has been a wonderful source of different ideas for just about anything under the sun and recently, a big part of my daily activity is to check the internet for more ideas on all the things that needs to be done for our wedding. From invitation to the layout, to the entourage dresses, I am relying a lot from the internet. And as I was searching for preferred dresses for my Matron of Honor, I chanced upon this lovely site that offers beautiful dresses. Meet I Do Dress. 

The first photo above is what I like for my bridesmaids but most of them are conservative so they don't want the breast part to be shaped like that. So I prefer a little knee-length cut for them and straight cut at the back. 

The second photo is almost the closest cut for my bridesmaids. It's a tube and knee-length cut but it follows the petticoat below. Not to that extreme of balloon though. I prefer it to be color teal. Our motif by the way is Royal Blue and Teal. 

However, I preferred a different dress for my Matron. I want her to be different than the rest. I saw these lavender evening dresses for women and I want the same for my Matron. It's looks so pretty and sexy. 

Since she's a little shorter than me, petite evening dresses special occasion is also a great option for her. These pieces from JVSDresses has great style too. 

Overall, I want to have all those types of dress. I don't know when was the last time I wore a pretty dress for special occasion and now, I'll be wearing an elegant white dress soon! I should do all the necessary things so I can fit on my dress. I need to lessen my carbs intake and I also need to take care of my skin a lot! I'm hoping for everything to be great on my wedding day. I don't want to think any bad vibes and negative thoughts and I'm ditching negative people as early as now too. Hoping everything would be prefect!

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