Review: Leader's Foot Peeling Mask - Baby Soft Foot

I've decided to finally try the foot mask I got from Leaders few months ago when I ordered something form Zalora. I got few GCs that time and I checked out my orders together with this. I finally used it because I am thinking of using more of this if it is effective. 

This Baby Soft Foot from Leaders is a mask for foot. I've been searching for a decent foot mask and since I was at Zalora's site that time when I saw this, I decided to grab one.

This product claims to remove dead skin cells and will peel it from your feet. I can attest to the effectivity of this product as it slowly cleanse my foot day after day. 

Upon opening, you'll see two foot masks shaped for the feet. You need to cut the opening for your foot to go in. It's a little big for me but since there's an option to just flip it to cover my tiny feet, then it's okay. There's a sticker that you can adjust to help the foot mask stay in place. 

The application was very easy and you just need to stay in place for about an hour or 1 1/2 hour. The effect can be seen after 4-6 days. 

As for me, I noticed the changes after 6 days. It slowly peels off some dead skin cells on some part on my feet. I thought it would be one time peeling only but mine lasted I think for a week. I remember going to work and my co-teachers and students would notice why my feet was peeling. It's a little embarrassing actually. 

The peeling was obvious during the later days. What's good is that it really replaces the dead skin with new ones and my feet really look amazing after a week. I will repurchase again at Zalora today because I want to have smooth baby skin on my feet for my wedding. I'm so happy to try this and it was effective indeed!

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It effectively peels dead skin cells. And it really took out a lot! 
  • The sticker portion help the mask to stay in place. I was actually moving the whole time I have it on and good thing it didn't lost in place.
  • Too much essence inside each mask. 
  • The skin feels great after the total peeling process was over. 
  • Makes the new skin so bright and young-looking. 
Nay for me! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not easily available.
  • I hope the peeling will be like little peeling that will be almost invisible or it can just do one peeling all throughout. Haha. Anyway, I still love the product though!
  • A little expensive but I think it's worth it!
Price: P298.00
Bought from: Zalora
Size: 25 ml. x 2 each

I'm currently at the Zalora website now and this review reminded me to shop for this product again. I will be adding some thing too! It's a rainy day and online shopping would be lovely!

More reviews soon! Stay safe everyone! #LandoPH

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