Bridesmaid Gowns Under $50

Only a month to go before the big day and I'm so gracefully stressed right now! We are still preparing a lot of things to do, especially our church requirements. We have a little situation going on what's more important on our big day and hopefully, hopefully everything will be fine! We're praying that everything will fall into place! 

I am also currently completing my bridesmaids and groomsmen measurement for their dresses. We are actually renting our entourage dresses (both bridesmaid and groomsmen) because buying them will be expensive for us or even for them. I am actually surprised as I was searching the net that there are affordable bridesmaid dresses for as low as $50. Yes, you read it right! Only $50. I never knew it could happen online. There are those modest black bridesmaid gowns which looks so elegant and sophisticated. They also cater those dresses in a wide range of color. Those black ones though can really catch anyone attention as they are classy and fabulous. An LBD can never go wrong in any situation! I am thinking of getting one for myself. 


What's more exciting and interesting are those gowns below $50. Wedding isn't meant for expensive clothes. There are those cheap modest bridesmaid gowns under 50 that will make you look classy all throughout the event.  You can have an affordable beautiful dresses and grabbing everyone's attention without sacrificing the quality and the money you are shelling the dress for. 

I like this one below! It's so simple yet so gorgeous. Or maybe the model was just too pretty!

It's been a while since I last wore a dress in a particular event. I hate events particularly because I don't like shelling out too much moolah on expensive dresses that I can only wear once or twice. I feel like it's certainly a waste of money but not with I Do Dress. Here, you will see very dainty and beautiful pieces and in affordable prices too!  And according to what Coco Chanel said; A Girl Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous! So strut that dress girl and wear it like you're going to meet your worst enemy! 

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