Review: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Lotion

If you have read my not so late review regarding the Elizabeth body gel, you'll know that I love Elizabeth Arden scent so much! I have been using their perfume for the longest time now. Since my aunt sent me a whole set of the brand, (perfume, body gel and body lotion) might as well review everything that comes with it, right? :) 

One thing I love about this is the smell. Unlike other lotion that gives smoothness and protection, this lotion gives the scent that you'll surely love. This might not have the high SPF for lotions unlike others but it really does make the skin feels soft and smooth and the scent is just way past other brands! This is by far the only lotion that provides longevity when it comes to scent!

I think the downside of this is that it doesn't have SPF so I only use this whenever I am only at home or if I need to go a tonight. I always still rely on lotions that have sun protection. 

The texture is somehow watery at the first try so you need to shake the tube first. It is a white creamy-watery consistency and it's light for the skin and easy to apply. The scent from the container is kinda different when already applied on the skin. I prefer the latter.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Received it as a gift from my aunt. 
  • The scent lingers almost half a day.
  • It also makes the skin soft and smooth. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Does not have any SPF so it's not recommended for outside use. 
Price: Got it for FREE!
Bought from: Got it for FREE!
 Size: 100 ml.

Have you tried this brand of lotion already? I'm always a sucker for green tea. Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume is one of my current perfumes right now and while typing this, I'm also drinking green tea. I would love to try any green tea beauty product. Give me some recos and I will surely give it a try when I have the chance. 

Classes again tomorrow. Ugh! Got loads of work again. Green tea will really keep me calm.
Stay in touch! Love you all! ♥ XOXO.

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