Food Getaway: Meat Plus Cafe

It's been a while since I last posted a food getaway post. Jaycee has been VERY VERY busy with work and we rarely meet each other. We both believe that good food and good dining experience should be shared with someone for it to be more meaningful. So it's been our practice that whenever we want to eat somewhere, we'll reserve it until we have time to dine together. So there we go at Meat Plus Cafe.

Meat Plus Cafe is located very near Jaycee's house along McArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga. They serve a lot of choices of meat dishes and they have great steaks as well. The branch in San Fernando is spacious and very sophisticated-looking though you have to order in the counter instead of the usual staff getting your order.

We went there last week when Jaycee had his day-off. This is not our first time at Meat Plus and our first time there wasn't a great experience either. I think the time was just not right and I was in the a bad mood. I also forgot to take photos so I wasn't able to blog the experience. This time, I was happy with the dish and the experience. I actually like to make it our usual hang-out place now since the wifi connection is strong if you need to access the net which I usually do to check emails and the place was also spacious. 

They served the drinks first and the soup that came together with our order. I got a Grilled Chicken Steak that comes with a rice and a soup so they served soup first. Jaycee on the other hand has a better meal (haha) which is the Oven Roasted Beef Belly.

I already tried the Oven-Roasted Beef Belly last time so I tried another dish. I got the Grilled Chicken Steak and I must say that the Oven Belly still ranks the first. It just literally falls off the bones. So tasty!

Grilled Chicken Steak w/ Soup, Rice and Drinks - P230.00

 Oven Roasted Beef Belly w/ Soup, Rice and Drinks - P285.00
Now that I tasted both of these dishes, I should try other meals next time. I've heard their burgers were great and I like to taste those. Since the place was so near their house, we might be there most of the time. Hope to see one of my readers there soon! 

Have you tried Meat Plus Cafe dishes? You have to try them when you visit Pampanga. They have great steaks here in an affordable price. ^_^

More food tripping soon!  I would love to visit Manila restos someday. Please do recommend some steak houses there! Love and (buuuurp) kisses! Hihi.. XOXO ♥


  1. Oven Roasted Belly is also my favorite! Sinful lang haha! We were there last Sunday and this branch is WAY better than the one in Subic.

    1. You were there? Here in San Fdo? You should have said it sis. We met sana! It's rare that i get to meet bloggers from Manila here and I will be delighted to tour you around. :)


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