Give Back and Get Ready to Transform

Whenever I have free time, I always make it a point to do some exercise or yoga to get me back into shape. It's always my go-to hobby whenever I want to de-stress from the busy lifestyle I had. Teaching, blogging and preparing for an upcoming wedding, I can say I'm just so totally busy right now. 

Right now, I am currently organizing my lifestyle and I also want to do yoga in a regular schedule. I admit, I only do this exercise whenever I have free time in my hands. I want to commit to it longer and so right now, I am currently checking fitness apparel shops that would suit my needs. 

I came across Gaiam - the leader in the fast-growing yoga, fitness, and wellness markets. With a wide distribution network that consists of approximately 38,000 retail doors and 17,000 stores within stores, Gaiam's digital reach and consumer engagement initiatives are at the center of our growth strategy. Gaiam is committed to helping grow a consumer brand that is synonymous with yoga. 

Recently, it announced a three-year partnership with the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to cultivate a regular practice- including at-risk youth and veterans with PTSD. With the goal of sharing and spreading the transformative benefits of yoga, the Give Back Yoga Foundation embodies Gaiam’s philosophy of providing “Yoga for Everyone.”

As part of the partnership, Gaiam is making a special financial contribution to the Give Back Yoga Foundation’s Light the Way for Heroes™ initiative, a campaign designed to provide the proper tools to veterans so they can practice and use yoga as a means of “navigating life after war” which will strengthen connections with loved ones and improve quality of life. With a goal of providing for 30,000 veterans, Gaiam and Give Back Yoga aim to empower veterans to use yoga as a means of living a peaceful, productive life.

Gaiam is also inviting their loyal online shoppers to support the cause by donating $2 specifically to Light the Way for Heroes with every purchase on The customer donations through will help to provide veterans with therapeutic yoga toolkits, which offer resources including practice guides, meditation audio and Gaiam yoga mats that can help veterans experience how a personal yoga practice supports a calm and steady body and mind. One hundred percent of the donations collected are passed along to Give Back Yoga.

It's a win-win situation whenever you shop at Gaiam. Customers get to have a healthy lifestyle and in return they are also paying good deeds forward by helping others. Who would think twice in an online shop like them? I would definitely go and purchase my yoga apparels at them pronto! :)

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