Food Getaway: Bagnetified

Last weekend, Jaycee and I did some church-hopping and searched for some events-venue for December. We're really both excited! So every Saturday, we do some little things for the wedding so we won't cram when the date is near! When we had some time left throughout the day, we still go on quick dates together. Last Saturday, we had our lunch at Bagnetified at SM Pampanga before searching for the mentioned places. 

We chose Bagnetified since it's a newly opened restaurant at the 2nd floor, SM Pampanga. We observed that it recenly opened 3 "new" branches here in the province and we want to know what the hype was all about so we tried it out. 

We tried the Kae-Kare Bagnetified and the Bagnetified Rice.

Since kare-kare was Jaycee's fave, we decided to try it first. Since the staff mentioned it's good for 2-3 servings, we just ordered one dish because if we ordered two, there will be a lot of leftover. 

We paired the kare-kare with Bagnetified Rice since Jaycee wants to try it out. I always prefer plain rice but every time we dine in at a new restaurant, it's always engaging to try their rice meals to see if I can copy the dish. This is good for 2-3 persons as well. I think it's good until 4. 

Jaycee's meal wouldn't be complete when we're dining at restaurant without iced tea. He always prefers bottomless ones. Contrary to him, I had water.

My feedback for their meal was not as special as the other restaurants where I've been. The Bagnetified Kare-Kare was too oily for me! There were only few lean meat and the rest were the part where you'll get cholesterol! The veggies were okay though. As for the rice, it looks old. The rice was not soft to chew. It only shows that it's not newly cooked and was plainly a leftover which they made into a fried rice. I can make the same and even better. It's also oily as well. 

As for the price range of the other dishes, I can say they're quite expensive. When I was browsing on their menu, most of their dishes were priced P200 and above. The only ones that were on the P100 range and below were the drinks and the rice. If I will compare it with the other restaurants where we dined, I think it's not worth our money. We had so many experiences with other restaurants with good food that gives options to meals around P180 and they were so great! So I guess my basis for my feedback with this restaurant was our past food getaway experiences. 

As to trying other dishes from them, I think I'm still open with it. But I don't think I will spend another penny in my pocket. Perhaps if friends or relatives will take me there, I will be glad to choose another food on their list.  

Have you tried Bagnetified? What are your thoughts? 
More food getaway soon! XOXO ♥ 


  1. Looks promising and delish! But with the price range, I think they might have to rethink that if they want to be competitive.
    [Your post starved me though!] ;p

    1. I agree! Their price range will break our wallet so it's just a thank you to them for now.


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