Food Getaway: Chocolate de Batirol

I went to Bataan after a few minutes of deciding if I will pursue it or not. I had 4 loooong days vacation from the 12th-15th. It so happened that the 12th of the month is a holiday as we celebrate Independence Day plus the 15th is another holiday here in our province in Pampanga. It's the Mt. Pinatubo anniversary and luckily, the governor declared it as a holiday. Got so many time to spare from my 'bitin' summer! This post is actually my late lunch with the fiance when we were in Bataan. (He's already at the place prior to my travel because they're guarding the delegates of the APEC Summit). 

Before he let me rode the bus back home, we ate our very late lunch at around 3 in the afternoon. I will explain in detail what happened in Bataan in another post.  For now, let me invite you to feast your eyes on what Chocolate de Batirol has to offer. 

We didn't had lunch because of the travel and we're not really hungry at all. Maybe because of the joy we experienced together. It's our first beach tour (literally) for only a limited time since we were just sneaking from his half-day off from work. He needs to be back by 7pm for his duty. He already sacrificed his sleep so we can do some joyride in his motorcycle. Oh, I'm telling everything already. Let's reserve that on the next post. 

I had palabok despite not having lunch. I didn't felt hungry at all. Just like him. He opted for a Suman sa Lihia as the perfect partner of the Batirol. Told you on most of my post that we're both huge eaters. On the contrary, we preferred small meal during this day as we were already satisfied with the adventure. We need Still need to put some energy inside our system before we head back to our own itinerary. 

Palabok - P80.00
Suman sa Lihia - P60.00
We both got ourselves the Batirol, of course. I had the Traditional Blend and Jaycee got the one in Cinnamon. It was very thick and very flavorful. Though it tasted a little sweet in my cup, I still love it! The cinnamon was just so good and smells so great! 

Chocolate de Batirol / Traditional Blend - P90.00
                         Cinnamon P100.00
After eating, Jaycee then drop me off on the highway where buses going to Pampanga were easily accessible. Will definitely go back to Bataan soon and would love to dine here again. Perhaps if we'll stay for more than a day, we'll be here during breakfast! 

Have you been at Chocolate de Batirol in any of their branches? You should try there sometime whenever you're around Bataan or Pampanga. This is my 2nd time and it's just my first time to blog about the resto. I'm not sure if the branch in Pampanga was still open since it's been ages since we last went there and the place was just so out of the way. 

Let me hear your thoughts about the place if you've been here and what do you think with their menu if you haven't. More thoughts on the blog soon! XOXO ♥


  1. Looks like an interesting place to eat! :D

  2. Yes. My family and I went to their branch in Baguio last year. We had dinner there. We liked their food. We also tried their chocolate drinks. :)

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