Review: Passion Moon Potions Products

The weather's been crazy hot these past few days! I don't know if it's the weather or it's just me and my lazy cells that I don't want to move my butt even if I have so many backlogs. I now have the excuse not to work on it. Haha. However, the working cells prevailed since I don't want my sponsors to feel bad on not posting my reviews on time. So back to work! :)

Last week, together with so many blessings, another sponsor of mine sent me items to review which came all the way from Hawaii! Passion Moon Potions embodies both luxurious and indulgent skin care products and are made with natural vegan friendly ingredients.
 All products are made WITHOUT harsh chemicals and preservatives. 
There are NO parabens, sulfates, alcohols or phthalates. Sensitive skin friendly, sweet smelling Passion Moon Potions are a decadent dessert for your skin.  
Key Lime Pie Soap, Lip Tint and Whipped Sugar Scrub
I give extra points for shops who includes personalized message. I feel so special! ♥
Francesca, the owner gave me three products. Among the three, I like this Sugar Scrub the most! It smells so nice and sweet!I actually felt like ants would kiss me because of it's sweet scent.

I also got the lip tint and tried it but to be honest, I was not so excited about it. I don't like the smell and after applying it for the first time, it kind of melt already. Perhaps, it's because of the weather. I like it's tint though. It's kind of shimmery.

I was thinking to give the soap to my readers so wait for my announcement on that. I might include it on my COM next month. :)

What do you think of Passion Moon Potions products. You can visit their website here and indulge with these luxurious skin care products that are made with Aloha! ♥

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 

  • Safe ingredients
  • Made with natural vegan, friendly ingredients.
  • Free of pollutants such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol, etc.
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Sweet smell
Nay! (。)
  • I hope the lip tint has a different smell. I don't feel like applying the tint because of the old rose smell.
  • Lip tint melts easily.
  • Skin feels oily after wash.
Price: FREE (Sponsored Post)
Bought from: Passion Moon Potions
 Size: Scrub - 1 oz, Lip Tint - .15 oz
What do you think of their products?  Drop your comments here. I would love to read them. 
Stay in touch! Xoxo ♥

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in exchange of a review. All thoughts on this post are of my honest opinion.


  1. How touching to get a personalized message from the owner. I like the Key Lime Pie soap, I bet it smells so good just like the pie. All the products looks great and the review is very helpful to the readers.:) thanks for sharing, Sis:)

    1. I will include it in next month's COM sis. I hope you can participate then. :)

  2. I suppose it's the weather here. Sayang the lip tint! Many products are claiming they are natural now.

    1. Yep. It's great nga 'cause cosmetics brands were now aware on being natural.

  3. Its always great getting something so nice for review. I do really love reading your review, so helpful on my decision buying product in the future.. :)

    1. Thank you for those nice words sis. Love you :)

  4. The sugar scrub looks promising. I think that they also have other good products but they should work on their packaging. You're really a lucky one to have sponsors. Are you going to make a separate review for the sugar scrub?

    1. It's already the one above sis. I will be giving away the soap for next month's COM. :)

  5. the whipped sugar looks like it can be eaten XD hehehe... plus the name sounds like witchcraft "PASSION MOON POTIONS"


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