Food Getaway: Kangaroo Jack

When Jaycee and I went to Manila to process his papers from his insurance last week, I thought we could sneak some time in renewing our license so from Cubao, we went to PRC in Morayta only to find out the long line of applicants (of different concerns) which was also the same as the line for nurses. By the way, Jaycee graduated as a nurse who now works as a policeman and I am a teacher so we just had the same concern when we went there. Since it's already past 12, Jaycee had his lazy cells on active mode and he didn't want to endure the long line. He chose to tour the metro instead. We went at SM Manila.
I graduated from PNU, so I basically know SM Manila by heart 8 years ago since I pass by that mall every single day of my college life. Haha. Getting older eh? Now, they got a lot of new stores along with Kangaroo Jack. I always hear KJ from my sister because KJ has a branch at Eastwood where she works. She said they got great meals there and it's affordable as well. We had our lunch past 2pm then.
Cream of Mushroom - P70.00
Porter - P230.00
Bottomless Iced Tea - P65.00
Sizzling Gambas - P200.00
It was Jaycee's treat! He always knows my favorite would be shrimps in any kind of cooking. This was I think the most affordable Gambas I've had so far in different restos. Others would range 260 and above. I just paired it with plain rice. Observe Jaycee. He got Bottomless Iced Tea again. Never-ending. :)
I also like their Cream of Mushroom compare to other restaurants I've been to. Their Porter was very tender and tasty. Jaycee and I would share food so it's common that I also review about his order. Haha. In the end, we enjoyed the meal. It is what's important right? :)

Have you tried Kangaroo Jack? What's your verdict?  I like everything I've tried so there's always a second chance. I hope it will be available here in Pampanga soon. ♥


  1. You both got sauce-y dishes there. That's quite a big serving of gambas for a single person, really worth it. I think there's a branch in SM North Edsa maybe I'll try to their dishes there.

    1. Ah yeah. I just noticed that now. I prefer sauce-y dishes than dried ones.


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