Food Getaway: L.A. Bakeshop's Cheese Bread

Let me share with you one of my favorite breads of all - Cheese Bread. Just few years ago, I discovered where I can find the best cheese bread ever. It is from L.A. Bakeshop.

I never knew that the shop is just around Pampanga's main district San Fernando. There is the main shop at Dolores and another extended branch/bakery at the market place. Remember my blog post about LA Bakeshop and Deli? That's the main branch and they also serve cheese bread there but I got this box yesterday at their branch near the market. 

Since this is my most favorite, it deserves a space on my web abode. :) Look how cheesy the bread was. Each box contains 30 pieces and it retails at P6.00 each. The box is priced at P180.00. Yes, it's kinda expensive than those regular cheese bread in other bakeries but I tell you, it is definitely worth it!

Closer look! See how the cheese was all around the bread. We ate everything just yesterday. In other words, one box is not enough. Haha. :)

Once you visit Pampanga, don't forget to dropped by L.A. Bakeshop and taste their cheesiest cheese bread. For sure, you can't get enough of it!♥


  1. I also have a weakness for cheese bread. The price is the last thing on my mind when I'm 100% sure that it's good. My favorite one actually retails at around P8, but it's worth the money

  2. Yay! Super love them L.A cheese breads! They are getting smaller though.. Haha!

  3. Looks so yummy. I like cheese breads, too. It's the type of bread that I want to pair with coffee. Perfect as afternoon snack or even breakfast.


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