April Collective Haul

I don't want the summer vacation to end!!! Now that I am writing my April Collective Haul, I feel that in just few days, school will begin again. How sad! :(

Anyway, I bought fewer stuff this month but got so many in return because I spent my moolah on trips and events rather than shopping. Apart from attending events which already caused me a big portion of my salary, I am also prioritizing on what items to buy this time. I'm saving for something big. :)
BDJ April 2014 Box (P580.00 per month)
Jeggings (Original at P899.00. Got it on SALE for P499.00)

Floral Printed Shorts (Sponsored - FREE) $13.99

Earphone (Sponsored - FREE) $9.99
Bar Soap (Sponsored - FREE)
Foot Socks (STEAL at 6pcs. for P100)
Smile Brilliant Whitening Tool (Sponsored - FREE)
Professional Nail Kit (P1250.00)
Red Apple Lipstick and Exfoliate Stick (Sponsored - FREE)
Romwe Shirt - (Sponsored - FREE)
Foam Cleanser (P178.00), Foot Pack (P228.00), Powder Puff (P58.00), Eyelash Curler (P278.00) Samples included
Soap, Scrub and Lip Tint from Passion Moon Potions (Sponsored - FREE)
Gifts from Jaycee (Fan and Sunglasses from i2i)
Blush On and Eyeshadow from TMART (Sponsored - FREE)
Zalora Wedge Sandals (P699 Orig Price, Got it on SALE for P324.35)
Lotion (P64.75) and FREE Measuring device from Zalora

If you notice among all the items I got this month, a huge number were sponsored items. I consider myself really blessed for there were clients and shops who approached me because of my blog and request me to review this and that. Now, I am thinking if I could pull off posts that gives cash payment instead. Soon maybe? Hmm, hoping.

I will be reviewing most of these items now that I still got time while I am off from work. By the 3rd week of this month, I will soon be busy again so you'll hear less from me from then on. However, I will still keep on blogging, that's for sure! ^_^

What's your favorite haul last month? Share here and let me read them. ^_^
Until my next post. Xoxo ♥


  1. You're lucky you get sponsored a lot. :) Anyway, I love how that pair of shorts from Romwe looks! Also, can you do a review on the teeth whitening product pls? Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes sis. I am drafting it now. :)

    2. Saw it! Thanks! And I'm joining the giveaway. :)

  2. I think that BDJ Box was really a worthy purchase. You're so lucky and blessed to have sponsors. Btw, I love the shorts. :)

    1. Same here. Love the color and the floral design.

  3. Wow! you got lots in this month's haul... so many sponsors! I like the eyeshadow and blush palette! Is it good?

  4. Wow,so many tings to blog,love to know more about the mascara


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