Food Getaway: Tempura Japanese Grill

We dined at Tempura SM Pampanga two weeks ago and I totally forgot to blog about this. I can't let this pass since I love eating food and blogging about them! So here, I'm leaving you with another food post. :)
I've been craving for maki. sushi and the like that's why I encourage Jaycee to dine out here. In the end, I got something different. I opted for seafood, gohan and some shake! We still had maki on the sides though. :)
Kaisen Sizzler - P365.00
Gohan - P45.00
Banana Nut Shake - P90.00
Jaycee got Katsudon and we shared on Kaisen Sizzler and the maki. He always looked forward on every restaurants' iced tea. If you notice, most of my food getaway posts, Jaycee always ordered iced tea.
Katsudon - P180.00
Uncle Sam's Maki (8 pcs.) - P210.00
Iced Tea Refillable - P75.00
Told yah! Haha. Jaycee just normally love iced tea and not only that, he always get the one in bottomless. Hihi. Anyway, total amount of all the food is P965.00 which is not very affordable I must say! Whenever we go out, we're not limiting our expenses on food. We just enter any restaurant where we feel to dine and there you go, another long list of expenses. Hmm, I think we need to consider spending wisely on restaurant hopping. 

Anyway, any favorites at Tempura Japanese Grill? Share your thought. Would love to read them. Until my next food hopping. Xoxo ♥


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