My Christmas Wishlist

While every one's posting about their Christmas list, I got some stories to tell too! I don't wanna left behind. Hahaha. Plus this is a way to make parinig with my friends and relatives around. #KiddingNotKidding #Haha

1. Running Shoes!

It doesn't have to be necessarily Nike. It can be Skechers, Adidas and the like. Haha. Anyhoo, I 'need' this. It is actually my goal to attend my first run this year but sadly, the odds weren't in my favor. Too busy with school among others yada yada yada. No excuses for next year. I will have my first run on January 2014. (I'm claiming it!)

2. Tough Looking Wedges

I want to add some oomph on my outfits. Unfortunately, my beloved black tough looking wedge was damaged during one stormy day so I need to replace it with a new one. I'm still looking for the rocking pair. Any recos? :)

3. A Whole Year Subscription of BDJ Box

I bet I have the same wish list like all the bellas out there! Who wouldn't love a year supply of their boxes? I always cannot get the chance to subscribe with their boxes because it's always out of stock.  For next year, I will strive hard to catch each of the month's boxes. Since I failed to get the Jan-Feb 2014 boxes, I will sign up for 3 months beginning March.. and so on. ^o^

4. Styling Iron

This is Revlon's Perfect Heat 1-3/4inch Curling Iron. I want one of this. Reason: Just to make something out of my hair.

5. Tank Tops!

In all colors! Literally! I noticed that I can mix and match it with anything. I just want to have those tops with the right fit. And if there are cute designs, that will be a bonus! :)

6. Flats (in all colors too!)

Though I know that I will still look petite after having it on, it still is my first love before heels. I couldn't resist having a pair or two. I can take those with different designs too! :)

7. A Longchamp

Maybe the reason for this is that I just wanted to have a big bag and Longchamp first came into mind. I am eyeing a violet Longchamp Le Pliage.

8. Nail Polishes!

My love for nail polishes will never fade. Though I have so many lack of post for NOTDs, I still love the artsy thing nail polishes can do. I'm just busy, you know. By the way, I love OPI just so you know. ;)

9. Laptop

This is what I NEED. Though I can blog on our desktop now, it is still not mine alone. I may sound selfish but hey, I need a laptop too for my work you know. It may not be an Apple but I want to have something with a core i7 written in it. :)

10. Ipad Mini

Technically, I just want a tablet for ebook. That's all. Haha. Or I can change this number for a watch.

...or a Watch!

When I saw this, it was love at first sight. I am not a watch person though but I'm rocking this! I want 2014 to remind me to spend more precious time with my loved ones so it's a good excuse to spoil myself with a watch or two. Or maybe just one.

11. Keyboard

My dad really was the one who wants this but since I love him so much from the bottom of my hypothalamus, I will save up for this! I also want to play more pieces to what I currently know. Eidelweiss, MoonRiver and a Happy Birthday can now be removed off the list. :)

12. Samsung Galaxy SV

To dream the impossible dream! Oh well, I just want to experience liking this as a gift. Besides, I don't want so much fuss with phones. Something that can make me call and text is already enough.

13. Canon Ixus

A camera is really what I want for Christmas.It is hard for me to blog using my sister's Nikon so it is really my goal to save for this. I actually want a DSLR but I find it heavy and bulky. I want a camera that I can bring everyday wherever I go. So far, this one can fit my budget and my bag. Do you have any recos on camera that's good for blogging?

14. Hershey's Kisses

I love chocolates! I think I can eat a whole sack of Hershey's kisses in a day! Of course, that would mean killing myself. Haha. Kidding aside, I want a year supply of this but I will consider taking it in moderation. :)

This post may be a bit late for Christmas so I'm thinking of changing the title to 'My 2014 Wishlist'. ^o^

Though gift-giving is a part of this season, let's not forget that the Christmas is a celebration of our savior's birthday who just gave us the best gift evuuhh! Let's all give time to thank Him for everything! Love yah! #JessBless :)

Merry Christmas! ♥


  1. I want running shoes too. I got a hand-me-down from my cousin and it broke after an hour of zumba. I read from Aileen's blog (iheartgoodhealth) that Saucony can analyze your feet and determine which design fits you.

    1. Yep, I read that. I don't know where to find a Saucony pair here. All I can see at the mall are Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Fila, Merell. I hope shoe establishments will also carry the brand.

  2. May all you holiday dreams and wishes come true... You have an impressive list there. :-)

  3. Oooh, yummy wishlist! I'm aiming for a camera, too, pero baka next year na when the finances allow. Also, I've long wanted a Longchamp bag, pero I decided it's too expensive for a nylon bag. But it's still pretty!

    1. Agree! There are other nylons na much prettier than a Longchamp pa nga and a lot cheaper . :)


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