Jollibee's Maaga Ang Pasko!

Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko program encourages everyone to donate a toy or book to other children in the celebration of the holiday season. This is only a small step in spreading love and happiness to our fellowmen.

Last Thursday, I pampered all my cutey stuff toys by giving them a bath. Now they're squeaky clean and ready to meet their new friends. I am sending them out to children who deserve to smile. :)

These toys made me smile when I was young and even now that I am an semi-adult. Ugh! My faves are those stars and HK. I wish that whoever will receive this, I hope I made you happy. :)

And the next question is...

I am totally caught off-guard reading this statement. I know that 'time' is the best gift I can give my love ones and being busy is not an excuse not to spend quality time with them. I will make sure to catch up with them soon today! ^o^

 What's your early Christmas gift? :) xoxo. ♥


  1. What a thoughtful gesture... Plus you did an awesome job in washing them... they look good as new. Love it!

  2. I have tons of stuff toys back home. I was planning to give half of it for donation, ang lukaret kong ate kinuha agad lahat. nak ng tokwa yan.

    1. These are most of the cute stuff toy. Yung iba weird looking eh. Baka matakot mga bata. Haha :)

  3. Great job, Sis! I think the best gift I can every give to my loveones are the time quality I spend with them.

  4. Hi, after a few months of being busy and everything I'm now back in BC Blogger. So before anything else Merry Christmas.

    It was nice for you to share your well loved toys, I'm sure those who will received it will love them as well. Passing on the aura of love. Have a great day.

  5. I agree. Time, aside from love, is ta great gift we can give to our family and friends. That's why Daddy and I decided to stop receiving orders until the 1st week of January to give more of our time to our family, especially to our little one. I salute you for your kind gesture and may God bless you more.

    Mommy Maye

  6. That's a very nice gesture.. I wasn't able to segregate my son's toys yet maybe next year we'll be able to give out some. :-)


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