Haul: Sample Room #8

I know I will sound pissed with the introduction like this but I can't helped it! This is the most disappointing order I had with Sample Room. Why? I ordered three items with my points and only received two from them and the order came a week late. 

This is my Sample Room #8. 

But I actually ordered this together with the Sappe Beauti Drink. It's just so annoying that you're expecting something that is not included in the package. Plus I paid additional P30.00 from the usual P130.00 shipping fee. It's just like I bought the drink myself at the store and not receiving it. Just a total fail!
I tried to dispute it but then I decided not to anymore since retrieving it again would be more of a hassle for me. As of now, I got no reply yet. I just can't help but to be disappointed with Sample Room. You know when you trust someone and then this kind of thing happened, hmmm, I just can't explain the feeling! (Masyadong affected?! Haha)

This was my first and hopefully will be the last. I think I will still keep on getting items from Sample Room but it's more of a 50-50 scale now. I just actually want to get a simple sorry from them when I as them on twitter but they didn't even budge with my complain. Oh well, papel!

Anyway, did this happen to you before? If yes, what actions did their staff made? I want to read what they did for you. Leave your stories below. Thanks! ;)

'Till my next haul.  xoxo ♥

UPDATE: Today, Jan.6, 2014, I received the remaining product from Sample Room which was not included in the previous package. I don't know if this is intentional or just because I tweeted them about the mistake the last time. Anyway, I just want to thank them. 'Till next.


  1. Hi Tet, I am an avid Sample Roomie (on my 41th order now!) & very satisfied with their service. On rare occasions, I get my samples later than usual. I usually get my orders a day after payment. In my opinion, Sample Room is the most trusted website to get samples in the Philippines. I suggest you send them an email regarding your complaints. Oh & btw they announced at their social media web pages that they are on a holiday break, will be back January 2. I hope you get your orders soon! Happy Holidays!

    1. Yep, I'm aware since I am subscribed with their newsletter as well. However, my issue was before they went on vacation. We actually have the same opinion until this happened. Honestly, I like them, no, I love them but experiencing this myself is really disappointing.

      Btw, I got my order but it was incomplete. Then when I told them on twitter, they just replied 'What's your order no.?' No apologies.

  2. Haven't experienced it yet but I'm wondering why they increased the shipping fee? 130php lang dati ah.. >_<

    1. It only means that the weight is heavier since I ordered for 3 items. But unfortunately, I only got 2. :(

  3. Is it that easy to test all these products and comment on them....I think I would have a hard time doing this!...or can we get a sample without commenting?


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