Food Getaway: Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Last Friday, I met my college friends in QC for our little get-together. If you didn't know, I graduated at PNU Manila and after finishing college, I went back here in Pampanga. So I sometimes travel to the metro to meet friends or just to explore places and restaurants. 

Speaking of restaurants, we dined in for lunch at Causeway Restaurant in Banawe after experiencing Ace Water Spa for the first time. I have a coupon from BDJ with a Buy 1 Take 1 purchase. So I went there with my boyfriend. I just can't blog about the experience because photos aren't allowed inside the spa. I super love the experience to bits!!! I just hope the management will change their rule about not bringing gadget inside the establishment so bloggers can post about it. Try it there and you'll enjoy your vacay. :)

Now back for my food post, as I've mention we dined in at Causeway since I want to taste their food there. I'm very familiar with the area because I used to live around Cordillera when I was still in high school. However, I just can't eat there since high school's money can't afford to dine in such restos. Jollibee nga gipit pa eh! Haha

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There's nothing fancy on the exteriors and interiors of the resto. The moment they take our order, they served us with a pot of tea for FREE. It's a bit bitter of course. Haha. :)

While waiting for our orders, there's a server who roams around pushing a cart with authentic dimsums and I want to try their Chicken Feet. Since it's on their promo, instead of the usual 70php, we got it for 48php only. It's so tender that it really fells off the bones. :)

Chicken Feet (P48.00)
Since we're so tired after the spa experience, we agreed to eat a heavy meal. First is their Yangchow Fried Rice. Their small plate can accommodate more than two.

Yangchow Fried Rice (P230.00)
We also agreed to get two main dish - Steam Suahe and Sweet and Sour Pork. We're both heavy eater. Especially me. Hahaha. :)

Steam Suahe (P400.00)
Sweet and Sour Pork (P270.00)

Mi amor
He looked too tired and wants to eat already and yet I'm still taking pictures. Haha. Thanks for the patience. I love you loves! ♥

So that's our experience with the resto. Have you tried eating at Causeway? I know they have different branches in the metro. I hope you can have your share of their dining experience there. 

'Till the next everyone. xoxo ♥

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