I had a huge cleanup with my accessories and wardrobe earlier and I had to let go to most of my new items. Not even one was used from these babies. Everything in the photo was for the sake of showing it when worn. I just felt I need to let go of these to give way to Super Junior's concert. I badly need to save and to earn money before October if I want to watch SS5! Plus I want to get a good seat! ♥

If you have been a reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm getting a lot of accessories lately. I chose those ones that are less to my liking and sell them away so this can add more on my ticket for the concert.

Pretty Necklace
Original Price: $9.25 (P408.84)
Selling Price: P200

Mickey Mouse Necklace
  Original Price: $11.50 (P508.29)
Selling Price: P240

Cat and Mouse Ring
Original Price: P120
Selling Price: P60
From: Miss KatV Shop

Original Price: $4.99
Selling Price: P99
From: An international shop (Forgot the name, sorry!)

Original Price: P800
Selling Price: P380
From: Crissa

Longsleeeve Top
Original Price: $18 (P795.58)
Selling Price: P350

Green Blouse
Original Price: $30 (P1,325.96)
Selling Price: P600

Blue Top
Original Price: $25.99 (P1,148.72)
Selling Price: P500

The only KPOP merch I can sell with my sister's permission. Okay. She was actually the one who collects all the Kpop mechandise. These items here are extra items because she bought it in two pieces.

SUJU M - opened but never played
PH version with Zhoumi photocard 
Original price: P500 
Selling Price: P350

2AM PH Ver.
Second hand but in VERY GOOD condition (played once) 
Original Price: P600
Selling Price: P400
 We Love Tohoshiki FanMade Photobook
Made in Korea
Original Price: P500
Selling Price: P300

By the way, here's a shot of all Super Junior albums she got! Kulang pa 'yan! Haha. Everything's original and most of them all came from Korea. These are not for SALE! Haha. :)

Feel free to ask me if you want anything from the items. You can tweet me @theresa_03 or just text me for faster transactions, 0917-364-4203. Happy shopping! ^_^


  1. Hope you manage to clear all your stuff :)

  2. I like the necklace! I also do a regular clean up of my accessories and give them away. LOL

  3. Nice products and the price are really worthy.

  4. Good idea. If i were a cat lover, i'd get the ring. hehe :)

  5. Good price for such beautiful accessories!

  6. What a collector! Your accessories are really cute, kaya lang I can't wear them! :-(

  7. I love the necklace with bow and flower trinkets! It looks brand new pa. Swerte naman ng makakabili nyan at half the price!

  8. Great accessories and clothes, talking bout price its very affordable as well. Hope it sells fast:)

  9. very nice collection! i'm sure these will sell fast. :D

  10. How's the sale going? Have you sold all the items by now?

  11. I bet your stuff are selling like hotcakes. They look brand new and it is so mura too :)

  12. I hope you get to sell everything just in time for the concert.

  13. That cat and mouse ring is so cute! Sorry I missed it.

  14. Is the necklace still on sale. The one with the flowers and ribbons. Also do u still have other stuffs para naman to save on shipping hehehe.... i usually make accessories and i think i can make 4 separate accessories with that necklace.. hehehe

    1. Yes sis. Wow.. You must be very skilled in crafts. You can reach me here 0917-364-4203 for faster transactions.. Or you can tweet me as well. I am active in twitter too. @theresa_03


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