Review: Tailor Masque, Detoxing Facial Treatment

I am a big fan of giveaways. Who doesn't love getting free stuff, right? So sometimes, I join contests and giveaways to experience the joy of getting prizes.

Months ago, I won in a giveaway and received a Tailor Masque sample as a price. It's not as fancy as other prizes I got before like an Ipod, T20 Cherry mobile phone or a Fitflop. Fancy or no fancy, I love the feeling of getting different stuff every now and then. ^_^

My very first winning for this year is this 3-pack sample of Tailor Masque from New Zealand. I won in an international giveaway. I forgot the direct link of the site where I won. (Sorry!)

This Tailor Masque has a unique formulation which detoxes and exfoliates, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh. It is made from natural and organic ingredients, with no harsh chemicals, fillers or parabens.

For the best results smooth Tailor Masque over skin leaving a thin light weight layer. Apply a thicker layer around wrinkles and pimples. Let Tailor Masque dry and rinse with warm water and a face cloth. Follow with Tailor Mist. Since I don't have a Tailor Mist, I used a different mist after the masque.

Notice the area on my face that is already dry and the still wet portion. I waited until the whole masque dried up. There's a feeling of stiffness on the whole face after application. I let the masque sit on my face for around ten minutes before I washed it off.

I noticed that while rinsing the masque on my face, it cleanses off the dirt because the water turned dark. It really detoxifies the skin. I love the after feeling on my skin because it felt so smooth and  moisturized.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Got as a prize! ♥
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients.
  • No animal testing.
  • Environment-friendly packaging
  • Detoxifies and exfoliates the skin.
  • Fast shipping. (Got it a few days after I am announced as the winner.)
Nay! (。)
  • Kinda pricey
  • Not available locally.

 Price: $12 (Got it as a winning!)
Size: 21g

How do you find it? It's something new for me and I love it! I just hope there's a store that will cater this. If you know one, feel free to link it here.

'Till my next post. ♥


  1. Here's hoping you'll find a store that sells this locally. I once had a close to addition phase on something that is not available here in the Philippines. I ended up buying and shipping from the US. Too pricey! I'm glad I'm over that phase.

  2. You're so lucky! Ang dami mo na palang napalunan! Paambon naman ng luck hahaha

    1. Ngek. This is my first and I hope not the last for this year. Hahaha..

  3. I can totally relate! I love the idea of winning! I join giveaways almost every day, minsan kasi walang magawa. Hahaha. And sobrang masaya kasi nakaka-try ng products na hindi pa nata-try before ;)

    1. I was like that before. Now, I cannot join giveaway because of lack of time. :(

  4. Win still a winning even that wasn't a big prize. The joy to be the winner and got the prize are very pleasant. I feel you too about this =)


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