Haul: Sample Room #4 and Others

Hi everyone! I've been totally busy this week because of so many piled events and activities, plus catching up on those behind lessons because of the suspension of classes due to typhoon the previous week. Such a difficult time in updating my blog.

However, I got myself some random stuff this week that consists of beauty hauls. Let me introduce you to each one of them.

I ordered the BB Cream of Colour Collection from Sampleroom which is worth 101 points. Since I am currently using my Lovely ME:EX, I will review this some other time.

A new Tony Moly store in Eastwood Mall Citywalk opened last Monday and my elder sister got herself some beauty products from the shop and bought me a Nose Pack and a Mask Collagen to try. I will review about this soon! Thanks eonnie! ^_^

Lastly, I visited HBC San Fernando early today and found out about San San's Holiday Collection. I got three shades from the collection namely Midnight Opal, Velvety Garnet and Midnight Topaz consecutively.I will post an NOTD on all three shades soon! ^_^

How do you find my haul? Any recent hauls you had lately?

... And by the way, I will be launching a Commenter of the Month on my blog starting tomorrow, Sept 1, 2013 and I will make it open internationally! How's that sound? :)

I hope you can support me and my blog all the way! Cheers! ^__^


  1. I am looking forward for your BB cream review. I love the Missha BB cream but I am thinking of trying out another brand since I am running out.
    So please do it ha?

  2. I haven't tried the Colour Collection BB cream. I want to though. Hope it's great! My recent hauls, my Nivea lipgloss, fashion 21 foundation, ELF eyeshadow & Hayan face masks ;)


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