NOTD: Raspberry Sherbet

How are you guys? Hope it's safe in your end despite the horrible flood and rain that our country had these past few days. Anyway, I'm back with a new post. Disclaimer: This is not part of my Manicure Mondays.

It's been months, no decades since I last time posted an NOTD. Why? I just can't spare some time in polishing my own nails because I am working on my student's grades, tests, lessons, etc even on the weekends. Plus the fact that I don't want them to see me in my most shocking nail polish while teaching bothers me. So I tried to paint my nails only yesterday which lasted only until today. Since class will resume tomorrow, as of this writing, I already removed it. Glad I got some time to take a picture of it and post it here.

This nail polish is part of my past haul which I kept and touched only until yesterday. This is a new brand of nail polish I saw at Watsons. I like its color plus the fact that it's huge and affordable made me get it. 


Pardon the messy polish. I didn't clean it up since I am thinking of removing it soon. Haha. Oh how I miss painting my nails. Even if it only lasted for a single day, it still gives me joy just by looking at it. I hope vacation is near so I can play and make more nail arts. ^__^

I will try my very best to find time in making nails arts during the weekend even if I have to remove it the next day because of school. I am creating my own happiness with this. 

What do you think of the polish? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts. Stay safe everyone! ^_^

 Price: P19.75
Bought from: Watsons
Size: 11ml


  1. I love the color! so cute and dainty like u :)

  2. pretty color! and i must say the shape of your nail is so nice in a round square way - i cant explain it properly haha but i love it :)

  3. I have not had my nails painted in about 3 months. Right now I'm thinking of heading to the salon for a foot spa and mani-pedi. Pero parang gusto ko din magtipid at mag DIY na lang hehe. :)

  4. I haven't tried this brand yet. I tried Bobbi, Chic, Revlon & Caronia. I love the color of this one! I want to try this. Thank you for sharing this <3


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