First Part of my August Haul! ♥

I arrived home yesterday with three parcels waiting for me. I always feel giddy receiving packages. Thankful and blessed at the same time that I am capable of buying and receiving stuffs. Still, I'm claiming that I'll receive more for this month alone. ♥

I ordered both from Strip It and Romwe before. Also got a surprise gift from Rings and Tings.

I run out of my favorite sugaring wax from Strip It so I bought it online and paid through my remaining credits on Paypal. Hassle-free transaction.

I also got a studded short and camo leggings from Romwe. What's great is that they sent me a gift which consists of nail art brushes. Nice! ^0^

Jewelries from Rings and Tings came as a surprise. They emailed me that they love my blog and would love to cooperate with me. So I send them my address and after a week, these arrived. I received not one, not two but three items from them. I'm blessed!

Just these parcels made my week amazing. Add our 59th monthsary today and it's even more beautiful! Haha. ♥

Any hauls you had lately? Share the link here so I can visit your blog as well. xoxo ♥


  1. I love your studded shorts and infinity bracelet! :)

  2. Wow! I'm seeing the nail art brushes! I super want them hehehe

  3. i've been planning to order from romwe using my romwe credits for the longest time now. that studded shorts is so pretty! and the accessories, so lovely! you're so lucky, sis!

  4. That is super cute cute stuff you've got! I love the short, It look super nice and cute on you..:)

  5. Replies
    1. They are the one who contacted me. It's not actually Romwe, it's a different company that is supported by Romwe. :)


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