Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Carnelian

Since the beginning of matte lipstick, I was absorbed by the hype and started loving it. So when the liquid lipstick finally came in the picture, I didn’t had much attention to it. Until now, I would prefer getting matte than the latter.

Then time came when I got this liquid lipstick from Revlon and this made me realize to be open to other types of lippies. When I first tried this, I didn’t feel it much. I actually didn’t like it. However, it’s only later when I realized that it’s pretty. It makes anyone who will use it  stand out. The downside is, I couldn’t use it every day because I feel that it’s kinda sticky and would look best on certain occasion. It’s not the MLBB (my lips but better) type.

I love lippies with this shape. I feel that they’re easy to apply because it’s slim and easy to grip. I love lippies with packaging like this that’s why the Nyx Soft Matte Cream is a fave of mine to use. I like the slim packaging because I feel it’s user-friendly. The tip of the cover has a shiny diamond-like part which exudes elegance.

It’s super pigmented, highly-pigmented actually. I sometimes find myself lessening the content of the applicator because it gives a lot of product in one pull. By the way, the end of the applicator is a lip brush so it’s easy to apply and blend.

Individual price is P525.00. Since it is included in the box, I got it lesser than the original price if computed with all the other products.

I feel that this has the shade of deep magenta. I like that it gives a glossy finish instead of just looking oily.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Super pigmented.
  • Elegant packaging.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Easy to blend because of the lip brush.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  It tends to be messy. 
  •  There’s a need to lessen the quantity of the product in the brush.
  • It isn't as long-wearing as I though it would be. ( I ate a small meal then it was totally erased)
PriceGot it from BDJ Box
Bought from: BDJ Box Subscription

 Size: 5.9 ml.

Overall, I like the color and the effect after application because it would really make heads turn. I also got a lot of compliments when I had them but if you are looking for convenience and longevity, I don't think this is something for you. I find it difficult to apply because of fear that it may smudge. It also disappears fast. Plus when it is erased, there were uneven marks. The outer lip still has the color and the inner was totally removed. If the lippie is like that, it's a no-no for me. Others might find this nice and pretty but I just can't live by it. I prefer soft matte and matte still. 

Do you have the same product? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know on the comment section below. Until my next review. 💋


  1. i used to be a big fan of revlon. But nowadays i use a lot of other brands as well.

    1. I also do too. Now, I'm more into Korean products.

  2. Wow i think its been years since i last bought something from revlon esp. a lippy. This lip lacquer seems to be nice and promising. I love that color too! I would love to try one! Does ot comes with nude shades too?

    1. That mommy, I'm not sure of. I have a love and hate relationship with it. I am not totally digging it.

  3. Wow, truly Revlon products are the best. This lip lacquer seems to be really great and lovely. I like how it fit to your lips and the color is so attractive to look at. How you have written this review is great and I love how you were able to elucidate it in a informative way. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. Revlon products are always with high quality.I always use their lip lacquers for me.I love the feeling and also the appearance.This sounds like a great colour to choose.

  5. I prefer moisturizing lipstick. My lips chap whne I use matte lipstick. In truth, I rarely use lipstick. I use lip gloss or balm more often. I use lipstick only when I have events or speaking engagements.

  6. I live the color and the sleek packaging. I hope Revlon could have made it into a soft matte finish and ling lasting; it would be perfect by then. I like that it's hyperpigmented. Since it comes with a brush, you get to adjust the pigmentation as well. Lighter to darker shade of pink, depending on wear you wear it. :)

  7. I agree. I sometimes like my lip tints and lip lacquer glossy but not oily. I would want to try that as well but more likely I would opt for something nude to pale pink perhaps.

  8. I have tried Revlon lippy once but not the liquid type. I still prefer matte because I feel it is longer lasting, aside from I can't find the shade I want from lacquer lipsticks. I also don't like lips that look wet or shiny.

  9. Love the lipstick! I prefer matte lipstick but glossy lippie can really make you look young and fresh. I also like liquid lipsticks because they're so easy to apply. No makeup brush needed! The shade that you got is really pretty and it suits you.

  10. I used to like revlon back in the day. But it is hard to keep up with their expensive products i thought. But recently they have evolved. More affordable now than before. Glad you reviewed this lippy. The color suits you. In my case i need aomething orange-ish or nude. Id love to try this shade if I rehain my skin color. I got darker now.


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