August 2017 Favorites

My son celebrated his first birthday recently and I was too busy with every detail that needs to be done on our DIY birthday party. More of that soon on the blog. Despite the busy schedule, I wanted to share how I cope on my everyday life when my stress levels were at its peak. These monthly favorites were some of the things that made me sane during these past few days. 

... and by the way, this is my very first monthly favorites so please bare with me as I am still adjusting on what to share. Hopefully I can pull out this post every month. 

My best friend recently gave me this box of chocolates when we met last Aug.26 and being a chocolate lover, I immediately fell in love with it. I don't know who doesn't like Ferrero but I do. I love it so much!!! Every variant is super yummerssss!!! 

I love Cheetos. However, it is quite pricey so I found a good alternative to it which is a lot cheaper but has the same cheesiness that I like. Meet its counterpart, the Cheezy! I prefer this hot and spicy variant than the regular one! I used to snack on this late at nights when I'm blogging or when I'm just doing some paper works. 

I received this from an Althea box a couple of months ago but just started using it recently when I ran out of serum to use. I didn't write a review on this yet and will save it for that. But a little hint on what this product do is that it makes me super glow despite when I had too short of sleep. My skin still looks like I slept for 10 hrs a day when in fact, 4 is the longest sleep I could get on a weekday. 

One of my past time is to play my favourite bingo game. I only tried playing it recently at the mall and I sometimes get addicted to it. Don't get me wrong. I don't spend an entire fortune nor more than $50. I just like the feeling I get whenever I hope that I could win. 

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I actually have more favorites but I didn't get to take photos of them since upon getting them, I used /eat or drink them already. I will update this post once I got some of those items again. I won't mention them for the element of surprise. Hihi

More on this type of post soon. Ciao! 💜

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