How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Gone are the days that people are actively engaging into the outside world because technologies penetrated the scene. Children are now more exposed into gadgets than playing outside the house, exposing their selves to dirt and soil. I admit that even me as a mom, is sometimes guilty of this. We are a small family of three plus my 1-yr old son. Most of the time, I open Youtube for his favourite Hickory Dickory Dock and other nursery rhymes while I am doing some household chores. As much as I wanted to expose him more into sports and other indoor or outdoor activities, I am limited with the space and with people who will look at him while I am doing the house tasks.
Aside from technologies, fast foods and food that are processed are also some of the things that contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are a busy mom, you may have relied at some point on instant food or deliveries from fast foods. Good thing I am not on that stage yet. Even if I am very busy, I always find time to cook for my baby. I am proud to say that I am following Tamang Kain (fruits and vegetables only) for my one year old.

So what do we need to do to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Drink Lots of Water
It’s a must! Sometimes I even drink beyond 8 glasses. I always make it a point to drink lots of water or whenever I feel the need to do so. I have watched a video saying that if you have a headache, or if something’s aching in your body, you should try refueling your body with water because most of the time, you experience those if you are short with h20. The body is composed of 75% water and you need to refuel it with water every now and then.

Exercise and Engage into Sports
I enjoy playing different kinds of sports. If only I can dedicate my time and energy into sports and activities, I would love to do so. My interests in sports started when I was in elementary. I remember playing badminton, volleyball and table tennis for my school. There’s even a time when I am in the middle of our volleyball competition while they pulled me out for a match on table tennis. Now that I am a mom, I am thinking of getting back into what used to be my hobby and I am planning to engage my son into sports an an early age. Since we will be transferring into our new home anytime soon, I am looking at some decorative outdoor paving that I can do in our home. Even if we do not have any huge space where he can play, I am assured that the place is safe for him. I wanted to create a healthy and active environment for my son and for my family as well.

Surround Yourself with Positive People
I have a lot of negative people around me. It is too difficult to work with them because they always complain on so many things. So what I do when negative people are in my area is that I turned the situation into happy thoughts. I will talk to them and compliment them or simply talked about anything positive about them so that their negative vibes will be diverted into a different form.

Reward Yourself Once in a While
We study or work hard because we want to prove that we can do those things. Rewarding yourself is something you should do every now and then. Buy yourself that favourite makeup of yours, shoes, bags or just treat yourself to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite meal.

This last few days, I admit that I am super stressed on what is happening around me. I am thinking of so many things, my baby's first  birthday, deadline of loads of paperwork, teaching and not to mention blogging on the side as well. While writing this, it made me remember to pause and drink a glass of water first. Even if it's a short break, you still get a break somehow. 

I hope you are developing or maintaining a good lifestyle too. Surely, you will thank yourself 5-10 years from now if you are doing it already. I need to go now and exercise. Ciao! 😀

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