July-August 2017 Collective Haul

During the first few weeks of July, my blog posts and reviews were still consistent because I still have some extra time to write. But when August kicked in, I seldom post articles on my blog because it is Buwan ng Wika month and things needs to be done as a Filipino teacher. Then, examination period came in and paper works were slowly piling up. August is also my baby’s birthday month and I also prepared for his DIY birthday party during the days and hours that I have spare time. I am literally very busy because once I arrived home, I also immediately do mom’s task for my baby. To cut the long story short, I didn’t had much time to blog on my collective haul for the past 2 months.

So here I am, collating all the products again like different items, food and anything that I got for the  past two months.  

Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Water Prep

I totally forgot that Wishtrend will be sending me a parcel. This is one of the unexpected collabs I had. Will try and review this soon. 

1st Sample Room haul
I think this is during the month of July and when my points were back, I got another batch of products again. I like the Belo powder here. Baby is using this and he also loves it. He always grabbed this from me whenever its powder time. 

2nd Sample Room haul
I got this for the month of August. This time, it is something for my baby and husband.

Ferrero Golden Gallery Chocolates
My friend Gel gave this to me. Whenever we meet, she always have something for us. This is HEAVEN! I love them all. 

Althea Box
Althea emailed and gave me some shopping credits as part of its 2nd yr birthday celebration. All items were picked by me and I love every one of them. 

Althea Velvet Powder
Althea recently launched with their newest Velvet powder and i loved it. Review here. 
Miniso Haul
I got something form Miniso. Looking forward in trying them soon. 

Ana Cay Workshop Haul
I attended a workshop of Anna Cay which I thought is really a workshop but it's just a demonstration. These items here were just from the sponsors booth.

As far as I remember, I still have more items for this the two months but since I was so busy with everything that had happened to me, I tend to forget them already. All of the items here were given to me except for the last one. Those that I forgot were the ones I bought. I tend to have amnesia with the money I spent. Haha

I am using some of the items here already and will blog about them soon. Hope you stay tune to that. All the best!


  1. I have also received items from Althea and I love shopping at Miniso too. Cute items right?

    1. Yes! I love Althea for online orders and Miniso too!

  2. good to see this, as I love shopping at Althea.
    I like their beauty n skincare products


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