Review: Torriden’s Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist

It’s better to be late than never, as they say. So let me borrow that quote for the time being. Pardon my delayed posts and what not. This post should be up last month but due to my hectic schedule, backlogs have piled up. Life has been very busy and priorities were set first. I’m still grateful though for all the sent products that are waiting to be opened, even if I'm a little delayed in reviewing them.

Anyway, Torriden’s Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist is from Althea’s Dis-A-Pore box which I received 2 months ago. You can check my unboxing post on it. I promised myself to make a product review on every item in the box even if it isn't required from me. So even if I am delayed, I need to do it. I always want to keep my word. 

This product is a mist which you can use both for the face and hair. If you feel like both area are oily, you can use it easily.


It is a small, green bottle which has a pump and can be handled easily. I always prefer pump if it's a liquid product because it makes it very easy to use. No need to put the product in your hand. Used it straight and apply on to your face or hair. 


It smells a little like lavender but only the hint of it. Since it's included in the Dis-A-Pore box, the individual price is not indicated and also no individual item available at their site so I have no idea. Once I discovered the price, I will update this post. 


It is is a liquid form that turns out into a matte feeling once sprayed on the face. It changes instantly into a matte finish. It has the same feeling of putting powder in your face minus the heavy feel. I like how it really removes the oiliness on my face and on my hair. Even if I sprayed it on my hair, there is no residue of white particles or something of that matter. There is no sticky feeling though somehow there is a hint that you put something on your face. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this for FREE. Thanks Althea.
  • Love that it's a pump! 
  • Size is easy to bring. Very handy. 
  • I love that it mattifies the skin once sprayed on the face. 
  • Can also be used on the hair. And it removes the shine too! 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • No English translation for easier understanding. 
  • Can't be easily purchased. 
  • Isn't available individually in Althea website.

Bought from: Althea Philippines
 Size: 30ml. 

Overall, I love this. I tried spraying this on my friend's oily face and I told her to feel her skin. She was amazed and wanted to buy the same thing. Sad that it isn't available right now on the site. Hoping it will be restocked in the future.

Are you familiar with this? Have you tried it? Share some thoughts too! 


  1. I have never tried a powder mist for oil control. If you say it's easily available, then I must give it a try. I like the idea that it's a pump and very handy. Cheers!!

    1. It's actually the opposite dear as how I mentioned it.

  2. First time hearing a Powder mist. I like that it's not tested on animals. I might have to check this one out

    1. It turns out to be powder-ish after spraying, if you get the idea. It mattifies.

  3. Hmm...sounds like an interesting product. Since my face tends to be shiny by midday..hope to try this out if Althea restocks it!

  4. I have oily skin too. I should give a try on this products. thanks for the recommendation

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