June Collective Haul

Time flies really fast. We're more than halfway the year and a great way to celebrate it all is another collective haul. 

I started June with very hectic days because another school year opened and being a teacher, this is a dreaded thought. Hahaha. Kidding! Despite being busy, I have days that I go to the mall with the family and also I attended some events the past few days. Not to mention that this is my birth month so I have every reason to celebrate. 

Pedigree Freebies
I saw a link where you can register for free and they will send you freebies for your most beloved pet. Since Chuchi was gone, I still signed up but gave this to my dearest friend. I hope her pet is happy with this. 

Rhimarose UA Deo
After giving birth, I had the roughest situation with my pits. I had very sensitive underarms and one wrong product can instantly make it dark. I tried every product and it made things worst. Good thing I knew about this discovery and it somehow helped my dilemma. Hoping I can blog about this soon. 

Miniso Cotton Pads
Miniso in SM Pampanga opened during mid-June and as we stroll around its biggest branch, I can't help but purchase this. I actually want to purchase more but I have my baby and I can't really pick what I like since I'm carrying him most of the time. 

Skin Bureau Beauty Set
This was given to all attendees during the launch of The Skin Bureau. This set costs P1299 and was given for free. Sweet! 

Sweet Baby Plus
Another freebie from the mail. Baby used this already upon receiving it and sadly, it didn't suit him. His current diaper is more absorbent than this one. 

Where's Marcel freebies
Got this when we graced an event during a cafe opening. It's really a cute notepad. I think it's from Papemelroti.

A NEW PHONE - Vivo V5Plus
A gift from my husband. My phone has a broken LCD and repairing it would cost me 5k. It's kinda hurting me but I think I have to get another one. So I told my husband the idea. Turns out he was the one who got me this. Thanks love!

I'm happy and truly blessed to celebrate another year with the family. I also want to thank all the sponsors, friends, colleagues, and everyone who always supports my passion in writing and blogging. I hope more collective haul in the next succeeding months! 

Ciao! 💗

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