Review: Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer

I'm not a primer fan. I actually don't use one. The first time I got the Benefit Porefessional deluxe sample around a year ago, I finished all of it then didn't got myself another tube. Yes, it's effective and I like it but am not getting another one with that price tag. But when I received another kind of primer from Althea's Beauty Box, I'm having second thoughts now if I'll add primer in my routine. 

Primer is something you put on your face before makeup to make the latter last longer. And I finally saw it happened when I tried my new discovery from Etude House. I like it because it specifically targets my pore problem. 


The tube is simple as it is. The label can be seen in front and there's a word 'primer' into it so it's easy to distinguish how to use it and what it is for. The back of the product doesn't have any English translation but the box has. 


It smells like baby powder. The scent doesn't linger and it doesn't get contact with the air so to appreciate the scent. you must put your nose close to it. I like the scent, it's clean and mild for me. 


No individual price posted because this is inside a Beauty Box but I saw another kind of this in Althea which is Etude House Fix and Fix Tone-Up Primer which is only P510 from P798. It's almost half the price of the coveted Benefit Porefessional. 


For me, it's exactly the same texture like the Benefit Porefessional. It is powdery matte. Very lightweight like you won't feel you put something on your face. There's also a smooth finish after applying it on the face. 


As I mentioned, it has a soft, powder finish when contact with the skin. I also noticed that there's effect on making the pores on my face smaller. It's what I really like about the product. It also helps in making my makeup last longer. 

Notice that the pores are visible in my hand. Compare the look (and feel) of my hand after applying the product. The open and visible pores just automatically closed with this primer. I like the after effect. 


After using this, it made me want to add primer on my daily makeup routine. I usually go straight to my cushion, blush and lippie and miss on primer every single day. I have load of skin care before makeup so I feel that primer is another big addition to my long list of beauty hoolabaloos, However, when I used this for more than a week now, I got lots of compliment that I look great than before. My students and colleagues would say I am blooming. I guess it has to do with adding primer on my skin. Hihi

No wonder why most makeup enthusiasts add primer on their routine even after load of skin care. I think I will consider this now. Will also try the tone-up version from Etude and see if it works equally great like this one as well. 

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