What Your Eye Color Means

Have you ever wondered why people have different eye color? It is because of the result of variations in the amount of melanin, a pigment found in the front part of the iris of the eye. The lack of this pigment results in blue eyes, some pigment gives green and a lot of pigment gives brown. 

When I was young, I used to think that people who have black eye color were more beautiful than those who have colored ones. However, with today's generation and lifestyle, I prefer looking at colored eyes and would like to know colored hazel eyes meaning. I was fascinated with how it formed and good thing I got to read an article about the facts on eye color on personalities in Little Things' article before and read hazel eyes specifically on www.thrombocyte.com.

I was really curious on what's the meaning behind my eye color.They say it got to do something with your personality and when I discovered the meaning, I found it a little true for me. 

If you have: 

Dark Brown/ Black - You are most likely to be a natural born leader. If that doesn't quite accurately describe you, you might be surprised to learn that's how people see you. People with eyes that are so dark brown sometimes appear black have one of the rarest eye color. They are often perceived as mysterious or secretive. According to a study, people with darker eyes are generally seen as more agreeable. The darker your eye, the more melanin in your system. They also claim that people with darker eyes drink less and are better at sports. The melanin acts as an insulator for connections between brain cells. The more melanin one has, the quicker their brains may work.

Blue - You possess great inner and physical strength, though many people may not see it. In fact, people often don't see the real you and judge you negatively before they get the chance to know you. Perhaps people see you as weak, timid or untrustworthy. You are also often perceived as timid or unassertive. A research also found that blue-eyed people tended to wary new things and were considerably less open around their peers. They are also perceived as competitive and egotistical. Despite the negative assessment, women with light-colored eyes tend to tolerate pain better during childbirth than those with darker eyes. They also seemed to handle the stress of childbirth better. 

Gray - Gray eyes are rare, but they are just a variation of blue eyes. Think of gray eyes as a dimmer switch on blue eyes. It has less melanin in front of the eyes. They say people with gray eyes are either an exceptionally well-balanced person or the clumsy or the other side of the coin. 

Light Gray - You work harder than most people. You strive to be taken seriously yet you also keep your defenses up. 

Green - People with green eyes are viewed as alluring, sexy and mysterious. Green eyes have a balance of melanin that keeps them agreeable and dominant like those with brown eyes, yet strong and cautious like those with blue eyes. They are original, creative and perform well under pressure. 

Hazel - People with hazel eyes are hard to describe. That's why people with hazel eyes are different and unique. They tend to be independent, confident and spontaneous. The amount of melanin in the eye varies from person to person so you can never pin down their personality though a common point is a balanced personality that can be mysterious to read. 

Whatever our eye color is, just remember that this is just a guide on our personality. Do not let this dictate your choices and decisions in life. 

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