Experience Theater Spa at La Armonia

Wouldn't it be nice to experience movie marathon-ing while experiencing some pampering at the same time? Then head over to La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon. 

If only I had known about La Armonia before, I would have helped myself during pregnancy by rewarding my body with some pregnancy massage during those 9 months. Whenever I visited a spa during those months and ask if they have a massage safe for a pregnant mom like me, they always decline because of the sensitivity of my situation. I thought then that pregnancy massages were never part of a women's maternity journey but I thought otherwise. 

La Armonia is a spa and salon combined but with a twist. They had a theater room inside the spa with free popcorn and unlimited drinks. I swear I enjoyed our pampering sesh there together with my blogger friends. Plus the movie that we watched was as good as the service there!

Before we had our pampering sesh, Miss Rica, the manager of the spa gave us a tour on the establishment and introduced their list of services. I can't believe they have super affordable services with a very high quality service. 

I like how clean, organized and well-maintained their location. The space is quite small but I'm sure it won't be an issue to you at all after trying their service. What they did to us was their Signatured Foot Spa and Miss Rica assigned a very professional masseuse to me because I just had an operation and I'm still breastfeeding so I need a very delicate hands that won't leave marks on my body. Too bad I didn't got her name but she's so good that I just feel so light after the session. Plus the movie we watched was awesome too! 

The additional perks of watching a great movie with popcorn and drinks while someone's massaging you was so great that you would want to come back for more. I'm pretty sure once you experienced this treat, you'll book a second one and another and so on. 

(c) Rob Pinzon of palibut.com

(c) Rob Pinzon of palibut.com

The overall experience was definitely superb and if I have the time, I would come back for more. It's great for barkada or family bonding experience.

For more details on their spa and salon services, you may visit their Facebook page here.

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