Food Getaway: Barracks So Sick Shake

Recently, there's been a hype of freak shakes all over town and it's also freaking me out not to try them. Good thing I and my blogger friends were invited to experience this craze which will help end my unending curiosity on how those shakes taste like.

Located in Angeles City, this dessert shop/cafe is the newest place to visit in case you need a sweet tooth fix. Situated near a university, Barracks So Sick Shake surely didn’t fail to impress the students’ interests to support their store’s concept. It’s the reason why they have over fifteen thousand likes on their page. Majority of their customers are college students from nearby schools and universities making the place a hit for a lot of people on that age group.

Just like what a barracks is, the store has the same vibe of the said place. Camo pillow sheets where present, stainless steel food container and even the wooden chairs and tables set-up which makes the place entirely unique than the typical coffee shops that surrounds the area.

Awesome presentation of their freak shakes was presented to us. When we received our shakes, we didn’t want to ruin the entire thing and we had to shoot it right away in fear of breaking the design.
I got the Nutella Assault. I have always loved Nutella and I even ate it as a stand-alone. I like how it was designed with choco curls and choco cereals. However, I wasn’t so happy about the latter because they weren’t as crunchy as I thought they would be. I think it’s because of the time frame in shooting the shakes that makes it go tensile.

Peanut Butter Chaos - P139.00

Matcha Berret - P199.00

Partnered with the shakes were their snacks which I prefer more than the freak shakes The Tuna Melt and the Cheesy Beef were priced affordably but with really great taste. I wasn’t able to taste their Monte Cristo though because it disappeared right before my eyes. Haha. Didn't even got the chance to take a photo of it. Their S’mores Dip and Churros was awesome too!

Tuna Melt - P149.00

Cheesy Beef - P149.00

Churros - P99.00

S'Mores Dip - P99.00

Address: Mc. Arthur Highway 2009, Angeles City, Pampanga
Type of Food: Dessert Shop

Overall, I would recommend Barracks So Sick Shake for everyone to try. The place is perfect to chill and catch up with friends. Sundays there is also the best time and place to study while sipping your favourite shakes with matching snacks on the side. Perfect way to cap the weekend. 

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