Review: Colour Collection Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I admit, liquid eyeliners aren't my best friend, or anything that must be put in the eyes. It's one of the items that triggers my weakness when applying makeup. So when I saw this Liquid Eyeliner included in my Sample Room Goodie Bag, I immediately decided to play with it and practice some tricks on liner application.

It was very different on the pencil liners and the gel liners. The liquid liner glides more smoothly than pencil and gel which allows a wing-tipped look unlike those of the former. You just need to have steady hands on this. Effort!!!

I tried rubbing the liquid liner off my wrist and voila, it stays right in place! It doesn't smudge easily. Plus point for that! :)

So here's my very brave attempt on trying the liquid liner on my eyes after several failed result in my practice. I know I have a long way to go but trying it out, I can say that  

haggard eyes
This is a very simple application I did on my right eye and it's very obvious that I didn't even cleaned my brows and no primer nor concealer in my under eyes. This was when I was juggling my time with blogging and computing my student's grades. Hihi. So what's your verdict? 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • I like that it's waterproof. I tried rubbing those lines on my wrist and it didn't smudge at all. Perhaps if I will rub it so hard, it will come off.
  • Easy to bring. 
  • Easy to remove with Kojie San Cleanser and Toner.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I don't have issues with it's staying power but after an hour or two, when I look at the mirror, I notice (and feel) that I have darker eyes than after applying it. Perhaps it tends to darken the eye area.
Price: FREE (Got it from Sample Room Goodie Bag)
Bought from: Sample Room
 Size: 4 ml

I am so happy with the result honestly. Creating this liner feels like I am becoming a pro. Lels. Perhaps with better liners, I'll have more confidence in creating different eye makeups. As they say, practice makes perfect so I should not stop from here. Anyone who wants to donate makeups for my training? I will be glad to use them for you. Haha ^.^

More on my eye makeup soon! Watch out. *claiming* 
Hugsssss! ♥


  1. I don't know how to apply eye liner... It looks unappropriate to me.. I played with a liquid eyeliner too... I find it hard to control.

  2. its very hard to apply eyelines,especially if you're in a hurry,i hope i can do purchase in sample room

    1. True sis. I am still practicing eye makeup . I hope I can learn pointers on smoky eyes too.


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