Food Getaway: Gustav Cafe

Gustav's food and service definitely deserves a space on the blog. It's been weeks since Jaycee and I last went here to celebrate something which I totally forgot what's the celebration was. ^.^

Gustav is a French-themed cafe that is dimly lit and has cozy chairs. My first time to dine here was when I met my former student to get the invitation for her debut. I had tasted their awesome pasta, SPICY GAMBASETTI. It's so delicious but it's the spiciest pasta I've ever had in my 27 years of existence. I hope they can lessen their spices a little. :(

Still, I will visit them for another round so Jaycee and I decided to get a pizza for us both and some fries on the sides. He had house blend tea and I got the blue in color which I totally forgot the name. All I remember was the pizza we had which was totally AWESOME!

Gustav White Pizza - P285.00
Crisscut Fries - P59.00
Blue breeze Ice-blended - P50.00
Home Brewed Iced Tea - P55.00
NOTE (08/10/14): Updated Price List! 

I forgot the prices but I remember the White Pizza. I asked on what's their bestseller on pizza and their staff recommended this one. If I am not mistaken, the Twisted Fries was around P60 while their drinks were around P60-100. Oh man! Why did I forgot all about the price list! >.<

I also like Gustav's interior and even their replica of Eiffel tower - the mini version. The restaurant was very clean inside and out and their presentation and food were great.

I'm happy with my second visit on Gustav and for sure I will be coming back for more! Apart from pizza and pasta, they also have a variety of meals to choose from. I think they have seafood and steak. I want to try that as well! I promise you will leave the place with a happy tummy and a happy heart! ♥

Update: 10/20/2014 @ 9:32PM

Let me add more food from our last visit at Gustav cafe a week ago. Only that we dined in at Gustav in Angeles compared to the post above which was at San Fernando. This branch also have the same menu and the same ambiance. I think all Gustav branches were like that.

Pink breeze Ice-blended - P50.00

Clubhouse Sandwich
Cheesy Pasta
Just like the same problem I had before, I forgot to take note of the prices on these food here. I really like Gustav Cafe wherever branch it is because it doesn't only serve good food but everything was reasonably priced as well. You should really try dining out there. It definitely worth it!


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