Blog Sale, Blog Sale, Blog Sale!!!

It's a holiday and while resting after creating my students grades, I decided to do a closet clean-up and let go of some items I didn't use, need (and want). 

I need to sell some stuff. Why? I want need to attend a concert this September and fan girls like me need to do every possible way to raise money for concert tickets. I don't want to rely alone on my salary for the tix, I need to do sidelines as well. Hihi. So here it goes.

Goodie Clip-Ins

Dainty Dress
Blue Blouse from Romwe
Skinny While Jeggings from Romwe

Pants from Romwe
Ring Holder (Contents Not Included)

I will upload all the photos on my Facebook Page so please watch out for that. The photos above are just some of the huge line up of SALE ITEMS. ^.^

Proceeds on this sale will go to my concert fund tickets. It's so hard to be a KPOP fangirl! Concert tickets are way very expensive so please do buy, ok?! Teehee. ^.^

Order Placement
To purchase, please visit the Blog Sale album on my Facebook Page and first to comment will get the item. This sale is open to Philippine residents only. All items are sold as-is (what you see is what you get) and all sales are FINAL

Payment will be accepted via BPI bank deposit only. Once payment is settled, I will ship your items the same day or the next day. You have 48 hours to settle your order and if you fail to pay for you reserved items, it will be put back for sale. 

Php100 and above for Manila and provincial recipients*
*weight/number of item(s) may vary on the shipping fee
I am not responsible for shipping delays and/or for lost or damaged items in the mail. I will pack all items as securely (and as nicely) as I can to help avoid these issues.

So please watch out on my Facebook Page soon! 
Thank you! ♥


  1. Very nice online sale with a purpose..keep it up for this sale. Hope it'll do good for others.

  2. This are really nice outfits for ladies. I'm sure a lot of ladies would love to grab this.

  3. Good ladies stuff being sold here. I'll share na lang your post to my friends.

  4. Wow this is cool! Magaya nga to in the future. I like that dress but you're so payat!

    1. Yes sis. You can purchase naman for your loved ones. :)

  5. You got some really cute items, the dress is really nice and so perfect for summer. :) Good luck on your blog sale Sis:)

  6. I like the stripe pants sis. Kaso for sure that won't fit me, huhu. I'll check the album :)

  7. The ring holder looks good. Too bad I am waytoo far. Hope you get to "dispose" all of them !

  8. Goodluck! I hope you'll be able to raise the money for the ticket. :-)

  9. Wow! sale. Maybe it would help to post the size of the clothes. Hope you'll have them sold soon.

    1. Yes I did that. It's on the album sis. Check it out.

  10. Oh, they are soo cute, especially mga accessories. good luck sa sale mo sis

  11. more blog sale sa facebook account moh ^_______^


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