Empties #6

The last time I had empties post was way June and I was a little surprised that I consumed only little products this time. Perhaps it's because I was so busy that I sometimes neglect some pamper time or perhaps it's because I learn to master the art of saving and I chose those products that are bigger than the others or those that can be used for a period of months. For one, I have a pressed powder that can be refilled so I just need to have it refilled! 

Most are sachets pa! Try before you buy talaga ang peg! Most of these items are actually the items on my beauty boxes so it really is a sign that I got to save a lot! Perhaps next empties most will show you all of the full sizes bottles and containers. Let's see! ^.^

What are your most favorite product that you finished off all on the tube? Share those posts here! 'Till my next empties adventure! 

Xoxo ♥


  1. does pasjel really work? I've wanted to buy it for quite some time.... but I'm afraid it doesn't worth the hype :/

    1. At first yes, but it's the type that you need to continuously use. The effect is temporary, not really permanent so I stopped purchasing.

  2. I've also been quite slow on using up products mainly because I use many different products of the same category at the same time so it's hard to use them all up quickly. Hehe.


    1. True sis. Nakoo, ikaw pa. You got a lot of stuff on your reviews too! :)


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