Review: Pixy Waterproof Mascara

Remember my April BDJ Box which I unboxed here? It's an all exclusive box from Pixy which is the newest makeup brand in the country. It is an Indonesian-based cosmetics line that is formulated using Japanese technology and ingredients, ensuring that it understands our Asian beauty.

I shared most of the contents to my sister and left a few for myself. Look how generous I am. Lol.  Anyway, I started using the remaining products and first is the Pixy Waterproof mascara. 

  Colors of Delight Waterproof Mascara (P260 -7ml)
This waterproof mascara coats your individual lashes in it's jet-black formula, lengthening them to make your eyes look bigger. It's also smudge-proof, so you don't have to worry about raccoon eyes.

I ran out of mascara and just in time when I need one, it was delivered right in front of my doorstep through BDJ box. Cool chance!

My lashes were originally short but after using an eyelash growth serum to it, it grew naturally longer. You can read my full review on how it happened here.

Look at that eyes! Haha. It's so huge that you will think it's from a cat. I think the photo speaks on how effective the mascara was for me. The downside though is that, it doesn't last long on my lashes. Or maybe it's the curl that was missing that's why I need to curl it again around noon.  P.S. Pardon the oily and messy face since I just took the shot for the sole purpose of blogging the product. Also I curl the lashes once again after putting on the mascara.

Honestly, I haven't tested the product to verify if it is really indeed waterproof. I should have to always consider putting mascara on my lower lashes but I always have the tendency to scratch my eyes leaving on some spots around the eye area. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Very pretty packaging
  • It's waterproof
  • Charcoal black
  • I like it's effect on my eyes
Nay! (。)
  • I hope that the product has that curling effect even if you do not have to use an eyelash curler after the mascara application.
Price: P260.00
Bought from: BDJ Box
 Size: 7 ml

How was it in your eyes? I am writing this at 1:30AM and it's my birthday so pardon me if I am rushing a bit! Haha. Cheers! 'Till the next!


  1. I've read several reviews about this waterproof mascara of Pixy and it was effective naman daw ^_____^
    It looks good on you Ms.Tet (Long lashes effect)
    Miss ko nadin mag mascara hehe hindi na pwede.. it will make my lashes touch the inside of my lenses. hehe
    anywayss Goodmorning Ms.Tet ^____^

  2. First things first Happy birthday and many many happy returns. May all your dreams come true. Second great review. Sorry I don't know the brand but it sounds a good purchase, though. Lovely blog here. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  3. Oh wow. Happy birthday! And I also have the same struggles as whenever I try out volumizing mascaras, they usually droop my lashes down. And we all know lashes look better when they're curled, right? :)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday..that mascara does have a great effect on volumizing your lashes..will look out for it here to see if it is selling too.

  5. Wiiii! Happy Birthday Tet! You look great even with the oily face. hehehe...

  6. Nice! I have big eyes as it is, so I would end up with really huge eyes with that mascara. Cosplay levels. :)

  7. Looks good, What I love about it is it's smudge proof and waterproof in that way you can wear it all day long without redoing it.

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  9. You and your sister are both lucky because you can hand down some skin cares or makeups to each other. I'm gonna love this mascara, waterproof and super black. How many coats did you apply?

  10. I remember a story about eyelashes. I think they did not use waterproof mascara so the false eyelashes fell off during the middle of the event. hehehe

  11. I always want to try mascara though I have think eyelashes already :) Oh Daddy parang alam ko yang story na yan ha. hehe.

    Mommy Maye


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