June Collective Haul

My birthday month was about to end and July is about to commence. I am so thankful for this month because I have a lot of blessings and learning's in life. My #100HappyDays challenge taught me to appreciate every small blessing despite experiencing a painful ordeal. Hoping I would be able to make a separate post on what's my take on the challenge. Probably when I end it in July. 

Anyway, let me get back on my post regarding all my haul for this month. I am so thankful with everything I got and also the capability that I can share something to others! Thank you. ^.^
Birthday Gifts 
Jaycee's Gift
He mentioned it was something that can be worn. Hint: a little sparkly. And so I thought I would see a long table already. Hahaha. *blushes*

My sister really pushed hard on giving me a bag! She said I need this for the new school year. I am the type who doesn't want new stuff when another school year begins. Whatever I have in store, I would just use that! Anyway, thank eonnie! I like it so much!
Sister's Gift 
BDJ June Box (Benefit Exclusive, again! ^.^) - (P580.00 per month)
These are my winnings from BDJ contests and Kojie San's from Nuffnang. I am lucky because it's my birth month! ♥ 
Goody Clip-Ins
Salvatos Flip Flops - (P1180.00) I AM SELLING THIS! 
P1000 Worth of Kojie-san Items
I chanced upon Sample Room's products when I logged in and it's so happened that these are still on stock! Of course, I wouldn't miss this free stuff for the world!
Samples from Sample Room - (P160.00 for the shipping fee)
I also ordered this Royale product which is a hype in social medias. I am using it now and I am going to make a review if this has been effective for me so watch out for that! ;) 
L-GlutaPower - (P198.00)
Lastly, I went to Robinsons to run some errand particularly fixing dad's mobile. The technician asked me to wait for the repair after an hour so I toured around Booksale first and grabbed this book. I thin I need this in my life right now. I am seriously thinking on devoting myself and my body to healthy living, both in and out! ♥

Inspirational Book - (P190.00)
I didn't purchase much this month since most of the haul here are my winnings. I only invested on some items and the book. I actually wanted to get a blouse or a pants but I am earning for a concert. 

Speaking of concert, I will be selling some stuff anytime soon if I have the time to post it here on my blog. I need to attend EXO's concert soon and while it's still early, I am already saving for it so I won't have any regrets when the time comes. 

What you think with my latest collective haul? I know it's too early for my collective haul but I think it's better to share it now 'cause the computer might crash again soon. Share your comments below and I would love to read your messages. 

Xoxo everyone! ♥ 

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