May Collective Haul

Classes are back and I totally forgot to post my collective haul for May since I've been fixing forms and attending to my new students unending concerns here and there. So here's my quite delayed collective haul last month.

Sample Room Goodie Bag - P1290
BDJ May 2014 Box (P580.00 per month)
Sample room samples - P130.00 (for the shipping fee)
Notice I got fewer stuff this month compared to my other collective hauls before. What made this month look plenty were the goodie bag which was loaded with products from Sample Room and the BDJ Box for May. I am totally saving up as much as I can because I have bigger things in the future.  

Also, I have a few things which wasn't posted here because of lack of time. I will try to update this post once I got time to spare to take the shots.

This upcoming June, expect for more since I have orders and winnings coming up. Plus, my birthday gifts from my loved ones rocks so I will let you guys take a peek on that! ^_^

Let me know what you think with my latest collective haul. Familiar products? Share your comments below and would love to read them. Until the next. Xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I love your haul! everything about it is fun and exciting.. Haven't tried the belo product but I bet its awesome!:)

  2. Love to try Bdj Box :(
    ♥ I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  3. Oh you got the goodie bag! I was too late with that but was still dying to see the contents. =)

  4. Ooh I would love to try that sleeping pack! Such lovely goodie bag. Btw, how to join your commenter of the month? :)

  5. I have long been wanting to subscribie to BDJ box but I am kind of holding back pa because of the price, haha!

    You still have a lot of goodies, sis and they all look exciting to try!

  6. Oh, belated happy birthday, sis! Hope you had a good one! :-)

  7. This month's haul is loaded with skin care products. :) Which one have you tried and loving so far?

  8. oooh lots of new toys to try out!!

  9. I spotted two Revlon Nail Polish! Inggit much! I want them...:-)


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