Haul: Sample Room #12 and #13

I was supposed to blog about this haul few weeks ago but I wasn't able to do so because of the PC acting crazy and wants to get attention! It has been great already that I was able to post this despite the PC having troubles on it's system. 

Anyway, I was a happy kid to get hold of some of Sample Room's samples over the past month. Good thing, I was still able to keep the photo I got from the previous order #12. These orders consists of both Belo and Skin White items. Featuring the newest products from Belo Essentials. 
SR Order #12
SR Order #13
Look at my order #13. They are big products. Notice that both #12 and #13 were all full size items! To think that I only pay P130-160 shipping fee means that I saved a lot from getting these samples. Obviously, I got lots of body stuff, especially lotions. Cool! It's just in time 'cause I just ran out of my Nivea serum. :)

How did you find this haul? Looks pretty interesting, right? Over time, I already accumulated points so I got more items and those with bigger points. You just need to work hard on checking their site for their newest product in store! Better yet, subscribe to their email so that you'll get their products first-hand. :)

Looking forward for more SR orders in the future! Keep rocking! \n/


  1. Great haul! I actually have sample room as my home page so I know when something new is up the moment I open my browser. ;)


    1. That's a great idea to check on them. I signed up for them instead. :)


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