Royal Restore's Bag Restoration

I remember before that I got a terrible problem with my luxury bag. It was stained! I don't know how it happened since I stored it properly and I tried not to use it often. Restoration would cost me 7k which is almost 60% of the bag cost. Really expensive! I can almost buy a Michael Kors and other functional yet stylish handbags at Zalora with that amount. It was just so terrible!

I encountered a competition few months back that gives full restoration to damaged bags and I immediately grabbed the chance to join. Here's my entry for this contest. 

(c) Royal Restore FB Page
To cut the long story short, I garnered likes and I won a restoration among other winners. There are 10 winners in total. You can view the damaged look of my bag where I blogged about it a year ago. It's great that I chanced on this contest by Royal Restore. Thank you!

I sent my bag through LBC at their office where they're going to restore it. The staff of Royal Restore are very accommodating and friendly. They always give me a call and message on updates of the bag. 

Here are the photos of my newly-restored luxury bag! They really made sure that it was taken care of. I heart them so much! ♥

My bag is a Rebecca Minkoff Gold Bag. It was really damaged if you'll look here. Good thing Royal Restore gave this privilege to us! Oh I can't thank you enough. ^_^

They slid a pillow inside the bag to keep it's shape. I admit that I don't normally insert pillow or stuff my bag since I only have limited space. I would still keep this cushion inside this bag anyway.

A breathe of fresh air - that's exactly how I felt when I retrieved the bag. It was just a terrible problem I had but it was solved. God really does create wonders, doesn't He? The restoration that I can't afford simply came knocking on my door. Truly a blessing! ♥


  1. It's really annoying when something you've been taken care of properly suddenly got damaged, especially when it's a luxury item. You can't just dispose it and the best thing to do is to have it fixed but seriously, 7k to restore a bag? @_@ That's a lot. Good thing luck was on your side when this thing happened. Btw, your bag is simply gorgeous. :)

    1. I am really so sad when that happened. But in the end, great things happen sometimes. :)

  2. wow! Now, I have an idea when my only expensive bag need a repair.


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