Food Getaway: Racks

Jaycee and I agreed to reward ourselves with good food every now and then. It's been a while since we had lunch/dinner dates in cozy restaurants that serves dishes which are at par with our palate. Chos! Haha. We just love dining out and always like to give criticisms, in a constructive way though. What we love most are good food of course. ♥
That came true the other day with our Racks adventure. I admit, I was hesitant to enter the place since STEAK for me is synonym to huge bill.
See! Almost synonymous,right? But that didn't made us to back out. I actually promised Jaycee before that it's my turn to treat him to a nice food. Here it is. I'm a generous girlfriend right? :)

I had Sweet Smokey Quarter Rack which includes two side dishes of my choice. I chose Gravy Fries and Mac and Cheese. The house salad was already included.
Sweet Smokey Quarter Rack - P395.00
Jaycee had the Baby Ribs Half Slab which comes with Garlic Bread. He chose Brocolli Cheese and Potato Salad for his side dishes. We also got a pitcher of Brewed Iced Tea for P165.00.
Baby Ribs Half Slab - P460.00
Additional Order

Ehem, Hi there pretty! Haha

Meet Jaycee
Couple Shot
The Aftermath
I love how we finish off each full plate of steak. I prefer Jaycee's choice more so you'll notice I got a piece of bone on my plate. Haha.  We left very full and happy! ♥

Share your latest food adventure by leaving your comments below. I would love to read them. Who knows I might visit the place next time. ^_^

I will leave you with a happy tummy!
Xoxo ♥


  1. Such huge platters! Yes, I like the picture with the sweet smokey quarter with the house salad!

    1. I thought you like the picture of the sweet couple. Haha.. :)

  2. I think I can't eat meat without rice with that huge serving of meat. Hahaha.

    1. I actually ate this without rice. I'm too full without rice na nga eh, what more if I have. hehe


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