My CreamSilk Hair Fall Defense Gift Pack

Hello everyone! It's holiday yet I haven't got any chance to update my blog during the last week of October. It is because of the same reason. I am soooo busy in computing my student's grades and apart from that, our school will be observed next week so I badly need to manage my time in accomplishing the forms, grades and a whole lot more of endless documents and school work. Ugghh!

Well, enough of that. I barely have time to complain because I am busy. HAHA.. Anyway, last week after the Super Junior concert, I finally got my prize from joining Kumagcow's giveaway. I received a gift pack of Creamsilk's Hair Fall Defense. 

It consists of 3pcs. Hair Fall Defense Conditioner, 3 pcs. Hair Fall Treatment Conditioner and a tub of Vitamin Treatment. 

Thank you Creamsilk for this gift pack. I now have months supply of conditioner. Haha. I actually wanted to give out some of this to my readers but my sister asked me if she can have some. Since I am the 'kind' sister (haha) I gave some to her and some to my stepmom as well. So sorry guys but don't worry, I will be posting a giveaway soon to celebrate my blog's anniversary so watch out for that! ^_^

Visit their Facebook Page and Twitter here.Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. You're so lucky to receive this giveaway! I need hairfall defense products too. My hair is too damaged and dry because of the scorching desert sun!

  2. Wow that's a lot sis, lucky you. I badly need one too. I'm planning to have a hair treatment before the year ends.

  3. Wow naman sis congratulations on your creamsilk gift pack :D ang ganda!!! A month supply ang katumbas ng prize mo your'e so lucky and/or blessed :)


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