Food Getaway: Tokyo Tokyo

Hello lovely people!

Despite being busy, I know it's not an excuse to miss out important people and event in our lives. So earlier, I ditch off some school work and went to the mall to be with my love before he will be sent off to Batangas for some scuba diving lessons. I know he's a little bit scared even if he's not saying it so I need to be with him and give him lots of courage before he leaves in the morning. ♥

.. and we dined at Tokyo Tokyo as per his request. I got the newest Ramen Craze Tokyo Tokyo has. I ordered the regular sized bowl of Spicy Chicken Ramen and made it special which includes Gyoza and Red Tea by adding P50.00 and Jaycee got a Prawn and Kani Bento. ^_^

Spicy Chicken Ramen Special (includes Gyoza and Red Tea) P200.00
Red Tea
Prawn and Kani Bento turn into a Classic Bento (P225.00)
Tofu Soup

The Spicy Ramen was kind of new to my taste since it's both spicy and the chicken taste a little sweet but to be honest, there's nothing fancy about the taste. I often eat at different ramen houses and trying their own version of ramen, I got to say I was a little disappointed or maybe I was just expecting more. I think I should try the other two kinds. 

In the middle of dinner, Jaycee and I switched our food and he finished off my noodles and I got to finish his Bento. Since my favorite food is shrimp, I always need to taste different shrimps from different resto. The shrimp is just so-so. It's just an ordinary take on prawns. I must say their Kani is good since 'hindi tinipid' unlike others where you can barely see the real meat.

The Gyoza is a little oily for me while the jelly, tastes like medicine. It's actually Jaycees' and he let me taste it so he would hear my verdict as well. He actually told me that he didn't liked it at all. I hope Tokyo Tokyo will have a different sauce since I think it's what gives the kick to other foods like the Gyoza and the prawns.As for the jelly, I think it tasted like medicine because it has cherry and it lingered too long on the jelly that's why it created a different taste.

Anyway, since Jaycee was full and enjoyed his dinner, I am happy as well. Btw, one more thing, if Tokyo Tokyo is reading this, I am giving out a message. Please add more people in your crew here at SM Pampanga. The store is full and there's only one staff attending to all. I saw that there are two managers around. I hope they will attend to customers needs as well when there are plenty of people around like that. In the call center, if it's queuing, even the managers would take calls. I hope in face to face situations, customer service will be like that as well. :)

What's your take on Tokyo Tokyo's newest Ramen Craze? Share your thoughts here. :)


  1. When was the last time I've been to Tokyo Tokyo? Tagal na talaga, nung nag tratrabaho pa ako sa QC about 4 years ago.. hehehe

  2. Just like January, the last time I went to Tokyo-Tokyo was several years ago. I love their red tea though. Maybe I will suggest Mommy to try tokyo-Tokyo again.

  3. Ako, I've never eaten pa in Tokyo Tokyo. Kasi naman, their place in SM Lanang is too small and the chairs don't look comfy! Parang tuloy hindi child-friendly.

  4. wala kaming tokyo-tokyo here in cebu. but my friends in manila actually love it since it had a branch in my former company's office building. i will always love japanese food. even if you're full kasi you don't feel that bloated compared to eating burgers and fries.

  5. Favorite ko ang Red Tea ng Tokyo Tokyo. But eversince nagka-anak kami hindi na kami dyan nakakain kasi you know naman who's the kids ultimate favorite, hehe.

  6. i hope tokyo tokyo opens a branch here in cebu. they have affordable japanese food. :D


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