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I am so happy and thrilled to receive an email from Miss Cath of the BDJ team telling me that will go live today! I want to share the beautiful news with you sweeties so you can try it yourself. Go to their site here. :) is a community site where BDJ girls get to share their blogs, post about experiences in their events, share favorite outfits and keep in touch with the BDJ community! They will also have contests and giveaways to make things even more exciting.

They created the site because they want to encourage conversations among us girls, with their brand partners, and with their BDJ Team. They even added a Coupon Experience feature, which will let you share what you love about coupons you’ve used in the planner! is still a work in progress, and they'd love to get your feedback on how they can improve the site further. The only way you can give feedback is if you try it for yourself -- create an account to submit your blog entry, upload your OOTD in Closet, tinker with the site and leave your mark. Looking forward to seeing your posts there! 

... and by the way, if you sign up now here, you will receive a special Pantene Treatment kit FOR FREE! That's right. FOR FREE! BDJ tied-up with Pantene because they both want to celebrate women who #choosetoshine. 

Let's share the love and make everyone #choosetoshine ♥

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