Wardrobe Pieces After Pregnancy

Weeks before going back to work from my maternity leave, I tried to do Konmari on our home. It is a term about Marie Kondo's cleaning. Marie Kondo was known for her books regarding cleaning and organizing and Konmari was popularized recently as she shows how to fold clothes the proper way. While I don't do perfectly the same like hers, I just copied some parts on her technique like putting all the clothes in one place. All the types of clothing from my head covers, scarves, crop tops, my sexy rompers, dresses, jeans, shoes and basically almost everything should be put in one place. In decluttering it, I categorized each from what we want to keep, to sell secondhand, to giveaway or to trash.

So after piling all the clothes from the closet, I sorted them by getting a piece of the clothing while asking myself if it still sparks joy for me. For those clothes that has no spark at all, I toss them on the last three option, either to sell, to giveaway or to trash. I ended up keeping a little amount to myself and found a lot of items to let go. 

My reason why I did this is because we have a little to no space left and we need to make room for the new ones. I noticed that there are a lot of stuff on our closet that aren't fit for us anymore and they stayed on the closet for a couple of years already. I know that now's the time to get new ones for the people at home. For husband, the children and me. Just in time that I wanted to purchase new tops for women because we are mostly girls in the family.

And since I already cleaned and organized most of the things in our closet (even my husband's and children's), I am then trying to update our wardrobe. But of course, we'll limit our purchases to only those we need.

Here are some pieces I am considering in getting once I'm prepared to upgrade our wardrobe.

1. Tops - I need few tops to compliment my look whenever I use jeans during Friday at work since it's our wash day. It is also the most accessible option for breastfeeding or collecting milk just in case I need to collect milk stash.

2. Dresses - I am a dress-person and I like to use dresses since it's the easiest to wear for mamas like me especially if it has breastfeeding access.

3. Scarves - I like bringing a scarf because it protects me from cold, rain, sun and it can also be a great accessory in upgrading up my wardrobe.

4. Shoes / Sandals - Because I gave birth recently, I felt that my feet are bigger this time compared before I got pregnant. So it's a must for me to get another pair or two.

... and I'm thinking of a whole lot more but to be honest, I only  stick with these four because I just gave birth and it will take time for my body to go back. 

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