Review: Colourpop's Out and About (Mixed Finish Bundle)

Long ago before I got pregnant on my second child, I bought tons of lippies from Colourpoop because it was love at first use when I bought one of their products locally. I knew then that I need to do some shopping at their website and hit the free shipping amount to make myself happy. I even chanced on free palette when I hit the free shipping amount mark. Glad I did. It was never a regret.

I bought a lot of nudes since I'm a big fan of it. From those I purchased, I got one collection which is the Out and About that has 3 different shades - Viper, Times Square and Baracuda.

From the three lippies, Viper and Times Square are matte while Baracuda has a satin fnish.

Viper - This one has a doe-foot applicator and the consistency is nice. It has a purple shade and it easily glides on the lips even if it's ultra-matte. It is long wearing too!

Times Square - This is in a nude shade and makes my lips boldly matte. This is long wearing too!

Baracuda - My fave among all three. This has a satin finish. It has an added moisture that makes my lips looking fresh and light. It's a mix of pink and red shade. The color looks great on me. However, it is not completely transfer-proof.

I love everything to be honest, but recently I declutered some of my used and unused stuff where I ended up giving a lot away. I gave away the matte ones to friends and kept the Baracuda for myself since I love the color and the finish.

I still have Colourpop lippies to share with you guys so keep on checking my post every now and then. 

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